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Are you also fascinated in the record auctions of paintings?

“Holding gold in your hands”, an expression that might nearly seem too weak to describe the art market an in more particular the sale of painting, this universe of hyper-competition.

Let’s explore together the five auctions that raised the heartbeat of aesthetic investors.

Quand te maries-tu?

1. Could Paul Gaugin have imagined that his painting “When do you marry?” (1892) which was sold for 7 Francs during his lifetime, would sell for 300 million dollars in Qatar in 2015?

QUand te maries-tu - Paul Gauguin

Les joueurs de cartes

2. The last version of Paul Cézanne’s masterpiece “Les joueurs de cartes” was sold by Qatar’s royal family for 274 million dollars.



NO. 5

3. The contemporary art has no reason for jealousy! The painting “La peinture NO.3” (1948) by Jackson Pollock, an artist who contributed significantly to the American expressionism movement, was sold for 165 million dollars at a private sale.

number-5 pollock

Woman III

4. Willem de Kooning worked for two full years on one of the nudes of his series devoted to women. “Women III” (1953) was bought by one of Americas richest man, Steven A. Cohen at a modest amount of 162 million dollars. One cannot overlook the intimate bond which is sometimes created through a painting with this unique resonances.


Les femmes d’Alger

5. Finally, we come to the man who has made it his life task to draw like a child: Pablo Picasso. His work “Les Femmes d’Alger” (Version 0) (1955) was sold within 11 minutes. This astonishing auction was labeled the “sale of the century” by the press. The hammer dropped at 161.5 million dollars at Christie’s in New York.

les femmes d'alger Picasso

And you? Are you ready to invest in one of the painting that will be on top of future rankings?

Pay close attention to the sale of modern and contemporary paintings.

Maybe you will discover the next painting that will leave a trace in art and the market for art.

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