The long awaited - Patricia Piccinini

Contemporary art is constantly evolving and some of its actors, recognized for their singular hand, offer us offbeat creations that arouse astonishment and indignation in the public. Review on 5 contemporary artists who have marked the world of art with their works.

Anish Kapoor : Dirty Corner

Born on March 12, 1954 in Bombay, Anish Kapoor is a British contemporary artist who provoked a wave of indignation with his Dirty Corner. Set in the gardens of Versailles, the cone structure was renamed the “Queen’s Vagina” and has been the subject of anti-semitic graffiti on two occasions. Not wanting to remove them to show the intolerance of the public, the contemporary artist was obligated to cover them with gold leafs when a court decision stated that to leave the graffiti in the eyes of the public was the only thing that the perpetrators of these degradation wanted.

Dirty Corner - Anish Kapoor

Paul McCarthy : The Tree

Also a visual artist, this American born August 4, 1945 in Salt Lake City and teacher at UCLA made himself known in the world in 2014. His work “Tree”, located in the heart of the place Vendôme in Paris, plays with ambiguity and although supposed to represent a tree, it is not without reminding you of a giant sexual object. Indignation soon gave way to degradation which led the contemporary artist to withdraw his work.

Le Tree - Paul McCarthy

Patricia Piccinini : The long awaited

As Austrian artist born in Sierra Leone in 1965, Patricia Piccinini is recognized in the contemporary artist scene as being the one that disturbs most the consciences with her creations of monstrous creatures that connect an surprisingly improbability with children; representatives of purity. These works therefore highlight the difficulty of every one to build trust with an person who is out of norm and the profound impulse that gives it its full depth.

The long awaited - Patricia Piccinini

Paul Fryer : Pieta (All Flesh is Grass)

A contemporary British artist born in 1963, Paul Fryer studied art in Leeds. He evoked a wave of indignation of a part of the Christian population by setting out his version of the Pieta (supposed to represent the mother of Christ holding the inanimate body of her son in the descent of the cross), representing the dead Christ on an electric chair. Presented at the Gap Cathedral, the work is still quoted (though exhibited in 2009) as a reference in the art arousing empathy.

Pieta - Paul Fryer

Maurizio Cattelan: L.O.V.E

Maurizio Cattelan is a contemporary Italian artist born in Padua in 1960. He exhibited in 2010, before the Milan stock exchange, a gigantic hand of which only the middle finger has not been chopped off. This is therefore visually a middle finger 11 meters high and 6 tonnes within walking distance of the institution! Having gained a worldwide recognition by this work, the contemporary artist is now one of the most popular artists on the world stage.

L.O.V.E - Maurizio Cattelan


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