Meet the artist : Eva Lake

Eva Lake in a nutshell?

I am an American multi-media artist who has worked in collage, painting, print-making, fanzines, performance, writing, film, radio, acting, music and dance. Collage and diary-writing are the things that have always been with me, while other activities come and go.

TypeFace: Fortune Bold, 2017

Your artistic singularity: what are the major themes you pursue in your work?

In collage I’ve explored the power of women via the mass media and art history, creating new stories, possibilities and roles. Of course the female face and form has been used to sell everything and has also lived within certain restrictions imposed by cultural and historical norms. I want to mix that all up, rearrange and rewrite history. It is so fun and satisfying.
As a child and young woman, I swooned over makeup ads and glamorous girls. My day jobs include fashion and beauty, so I’m not just a voyeur or critic – I’m a participant too. In school I studied ancient art history and worked in archaeology. The reinvention around all of that imagery is especiallycathartic.I wish to unite the “serious” with the “fluff.”


My Egypt No. 1, 2016

Your encounter with art?

My mother was an artist and had a gallery with 3 other women in the 1960’s; art was everywhere and everyone was an artist. She had a complete studio and we lived out in the country. I was an only child – what else was I going to do? I did not make a collage until high school though and I was very lucky – because both my high school teacher and my best friend in the art room loved Andy Warhol and also – Surrealism. While in London during the punk era (late 70’s), I discovered Dada. Dada showed me a historical context for my Punk collages, posters and fanzines.

Which techniques do you use?

In my 40 years or so of art making, I’ve made headway into both representational and abstract imagery – painting and print-making and other methods in form creating. I drank the Modernist cocktail while living a very Post-Modernist life. But while doing all of that, I’ve always made those collages, much of the time just for myself. I am more focused on collage now as I feel it is telling a story only I can tell. It feels good to be myself and simply make and share what interests me. – But I wouldn’t say that I’ve quit painting. Life is long. Let us always welcome surprises!

Target No. 49 (Natalie), 2010

Who or what inspires you?

Art history in general is what influences me: ancient art and also much of the 20th century – Dada and Surrealism, Lee Miller and Man Ray. I would be nothing if not for David Bowie and Punk and I might not be writing if it were not for Anne Frank. These days I like looking at what women artists are doing – feeling I have a lot of catching up to do and that we have just begun.

Anonymous Woman No. 74, 2015

The picture of Eva Lake was taken by Lisa Martel.
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