What are the most attracting and touching pictures?

Whether modern oil paintings, realistic or abstract modern paintings, or yet modern design paintings: some captivate more than others.

The period of modern art (1870 – 1950) offers paintings like no other, striking, engaging, exciting, strong. Beauty is mystery and when it touches us with clarity, the sublime takes our spirit in exquisite grace.

We propose a classification as subjective as the emotions that are represented by these masterpieces:

What makes a moving picture? What are the modern paintings that have provoked the most real emotions?


Vincent van Gogh – “The Field of Wheat with Cypres”

A painting in all memories: dreaming of passing the hand through this field of wheat, windswept , painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1889, The Field of Wheat with cypress. The depicted landscape remains in a perpetual motion confining almost to the storm.


Jean-François Millet – “Les Glaneuses”

The harvest took place in the Balzac painting given to us by Jean-François Millet in 1857, Les Glaneuses. And it is the emotion that wins us over facing the conscientious task of these women, harvesting a few grains to last “until the new season”.

Jean-François MilletLes Glaneuses

Edvard Munch – The Scream

The Scream of Edvard Munch, finished in 1893, is a dark painting that will not stop haunting us. The sudden and terrible consciousness of the passing time has led the painter to paint this infinite scream which echoes the innermost of our existences.


Gustav Klimt – “The Kiss”

How could we ignore in this ranking the Kiss of Gustavus Klimt, painted in 1908: this multicoloured painting offers a moment of unheard of grace where the colours meet our whole range of emotions.


Pablo Picasso – Guernica

Let us go a little further in time, towards the terrible events of the twentieth century, symbolized by the last painting of our classification; A modern and abstract painting:

Guernica, by Pablo Picasso, painted in 1937, whose reputation will continue to grow, becoming symbol of the denunciation of war crimes and the totalitarian regimes.

guernica - Pablo Picasso


And you, what do you think of this classification of the 5 most moving modern paintings: which painting would find its place here?


Is it the emotion that will guide your next acquisition on our site?

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