Meet the artist Sebastian Hoyos, Painter

Short presentation – who are you?

My name is Sebastian Hoyos I’m 33 and like many from a multicultural background. I’m from a Colombian artist family born in the middle of oil scent, music instruments and loud discussion about art, politic and literature. I’m also from Paris raised up in France with constant exposure to concerts, exhibits, museums and other artistic activities. I travel a lot! I guess this with a combination of who I am let me stay in touch with many cultures. My eyes are always open and my curiosity always alert and sharp as one of a kid discovering the world. I have been painting all my life.

Hell’s Kitchen

Why are you attracted by art?

Art is for me a necessity. It’s a way for me to express feelings over experiences. It’s opening a window between my interior world and the outside world. If I paint a woman in a landscape I don’t paint her only as an object but as the experience and feeling of that moment. A bit like when Proust dreams with his Madeleine.

Le fauteuil

How is your working process and which techniques do you use?

In my everyday life there are experiences that strongly impact my retina. For either its the composition or the emotions of that instant. Immediately I try to capture it whether it is with a photo or a quick sketch. Later I take it in my studio and find the best format and technique to use to represent it. Then I do a simple bosetto of the composition with a pencil and from there I start the dialogue with the canvas. Each brush stroke talks with the others and takes me into a voyage. Throughout the evolution of the work the painting will require different techniques. When I feel I have finished the result always surprises me. It is like a trip between the known and the unknown.

Après la pluie


Le temps des cerises

Dream big! Exhibition and artist of your choice?

In the Moma, in the Tate gallery, next to the Joconde, in the bathroom wall of our president (I heard Napoleon had the Joconde in his) or in the kinder garden next to my home, sky is the limit. With who? Bacon, Warhol or Cezanne or with one of my nephew or a few friends. The important thing is allowing people to see the painting and establishing a dialogue as universal and accessible as possible with the painting. I have only respect and admiration for all people who create, draw and paint- from the kid who scribbles in his sketchbook to the Velasquez who painted the Venus.

Beach Day

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