Meet the artist Kathleen Daniel, multimedia artist


Can you tell us a bit about you?

Growing up in a Minneapolis ghetto was belittling yet ironically colorful. I started oil painting and found depicting the strange ordeals of the average soul fulfilling and close to home.  I´m an artist, filmmaker and singer-songwriter based in Germany and have lived and worked in New York, San Mateo and Los Angeles.  I´m an eccentric butterfly.



How did you find your voice as an artist?

I’ve always been intrigued by negative human behavior, and as a result stumbled into Criminal Psychology.  I use my creativity to redirect oppression.



Looking back at your early works, what do you think about them today?

I love my earlier work because it is what my frame of mind was at the time – nothing has changed.



Do you have favourite materials to work with?

Oil is my favorite material, but I love sculpturing (see Talkin Bull -) and copper with fabric (see Tina).  I create many types.

talkin bull

“Talkin Bull”



Do you have a vision of what your artistic future could look like?

I try to tell emotional stories about survival.  So nothing will change other than to get my screenplay´s produced, which are about the needy and the greedy, the man closest to the street.



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