Meet the artist Shen Wei, Photographer

Self-Portrait (New-York), 2010, from the series”I Miss You Already”

How did you come to art, or how did art come to you?

I grew up surrounded by art. There are a few artists and designers in my family, including my mother who was a costume designer. I studied art throughout my childhood in Shanghai. With the support of my family, it was a straightforward process for me to become an artist.

What is your photography about?

Over the years my photography work has covered a wide variety of subject matters. Most of my work explores the sense of loneliness, emotional disconnection, and melancholic beauty. They are my instinctual responses to the world.
Black Swan, Xi'an, Shanxi Province.

Swan, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, 2009 , from the series “Chinese Sentiment”

Can you tell us a bit about “Chinese Sentiment”? How important are your origins for your creativity?

Chinese sentiment is a journey for me to re-engage with my roots. I wanted to make a project about China that focus on people and daily life. After living in the US for many years, going back to photograph China was full of excitement, mixed with nostalgia. It was an amazing experience for me to more profoundly rediscover the history and culture of China. It was an intimate personal journey.
Chinese culture and Chinese identity are significant for me. I think the hybrid of both western and Chinese value of mine is becoming the crucial inspiration for my art.

Self-portrait (Stage), 2017, from the series “I Miss You Already”

You also did some videos and paper works, which of all these is your preferred medium?

I like to experiment with all mediums and seek more possibilities to express myself. Photography is still my most preferred medium because it is versatile, spontaneous, and mysterious.

Which dreams do you have for your artistic career?

What makes me the happiest is when my art can impact others. It is fascinating that being an artist is consistently facing unknown future. My dream is to be able to make art until the end.

Peach Tree, 2014, from the series “Between Blossoms”

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