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A journey through the landscape paintings

August, the popular holiday season invites you to travel, to discover new countries and cultures. In most cases you will find yourself in beautiful places, which also offers escape from reality. Landscapes, endless expanses, powerful colors and bright lights await us far from everyday life. Even the painters of the centuries were magically attracted by landscapes, so it is not surprising that landscape painting is one of the most important themes of the history of art.
Especially for the metropolitans among you, we have put together a selection of particularly stimulating landscapes that take you to a mental journey.

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Vincent van Gogh (1853 – 1890) – “De sterrennacht”

sternennacht van gogh

The Starry Night is a composition in blue, which draws the viewer into a stirring as well as calming atmosphere. The moving sky, with its radiant and restless stars, contrasts with the quiet, sleepy village. Van Gogh was not in a good state of health at the time of the creation of this painting, and his restless soul was expected to find release in this artwork. Thus, it seems fitting that this work often changed the owner and wandered around till it finally found its home in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Thomas Cole (1801 – 1848) – “The Garden of Eden”


Thomas Cole produced a whole series of the “Garden of Eden”. The Garden of Eden, so lovely and peaceful, is a very detailed depiction of the paradise. As one of the founders and representatives of the Hudson River School, Thomas Cole is known for the reproduction of American landscapes that are linked to historical and allegorical pictorial themes.

Georgia O’Keeffe (1887 – 1986) – Black Mesa Landscape, New Mexico / Out Back of Marie’s II


Georgia O’Keeffe knew it at first sight. In New Mexico and its landscape she found herself. She drew several paintings in and from New Mexico. The selected one is a wonderful representation of a landscape, dry and hot, shady and mountainous at the same time.

Henri Rousseau (1844 – 1910) – “Forêt tropicale avec singes et serpents”


Henri Rousseau was a great seer. Although he never left France, he managed to paint tropical landscapes as if he were at home there. Even though the recognition of the French Academy had been lost in his time, the autoditactic painter found it in Picasso and other surrealist painters. Stylized lines, wide color areas, accurate and detailed, Rousseau drew several jungle scenes. Starting from the Botanical Garden in Paris, he projected his own landscape onto the canvas.

Claude Monet (1840 – 1926) – “Bras de Seine près de Giverny II”


Et voilà, the presentation of our landscape paintings comes to its end with the most famous painter of the landscape category: Claude Monet.
Morning on the Seine near Giverny maneuvers us directly to this charming place. With patience, Monet worked long on completing this landscape.

Landscape paintings on Singulart

Also our artists are attracted by landscapes and we would like to present you their artistic horizons. Come and discover the landscape paintings of Łapsa-Malawska, Sabina Timmermans and Johanna Jakowlev.

Małgorzata Łapsa-Malawska

Małgorzata Łapsa-Malawska’s works explore the relationships between people and places. She presents the idea of public urban space as harsh and unwelcoming, where, even when immersed in a crowd, one can feel at their most isolated. Łapsa-Malawska engages in a form of artistic people watching, merging these imagined lives with her own very real experiences to create the subjects of her works.


Moving Forest,©Małgorzata Łapsa-Malawska, Singulart Artist

Sabina Timmermans

One of the most apparent subjects in the Netherlandish artist Sabina Timmermanspaintings is Nature. Timmermans sees mountains as something mythical, that arouse both sentiments of longing and fear. Something innate makes us want to climb them and discover their beauty, yet at the same time, their immense structures make us uneasy and question our ability to withstand their challenges. In her paintings, Timmermans isolates these mountains from their natural landscape and questions their mythical and symbolic meaning.

sabine timermanns

When all mountains are fictions No. 2,© Sabina Timmermans, Singulart Artist

Johanna Jakowlev

Johanna Jakowlevbuilds the bridge between landscapes and architecture and more detailed, between manmade constructions and the power of nature.


Kleines Glück, © Johanna Jakowlev, Singulart Artist
Discover our landscape painter !

Close your eyes and hear the birds chirping, holidays begin where ears and eyes find rest.

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