Meet the artist Dan Llywelyn Hall, Painter

Can you tell us a bit about you and how you found your voice as an artist?

I grew up in suburban South Wales. Finding a voice as an artist is not something that I’ve been consciously aware of. I’ve never latched on to a singular style or manner of working and only ever depicted the subject in pursuit oftheidea.
The Wall of Faces Dedication to Afghanistan
The Wall of Faces – Dedication to Afghanistan©Dan Llywelyn Hall

Landscape paintings and portraitures : how different is the approach to each genre of painting?

I don’t necessarily distinguish between subject matter but of course there are wildly different approaches required for portraiture and landscape. The appeal of portraiture exists in the meeting of people and doing a soul-search; typically a couple of hours will give me a sense of the being. A landscape is largely a more meditative experience and I feel that I need to melt into the sensentions that a place has to offer. Travel has played a big part in this and continues to be s constant stimulation for new ideas and searching for a visual language.
HMQ The Queen Study for Icon

The Queen©Dan Llywelyn Hall

Do you have favourite materials to work with?

I don’t consider materials important in my practice. Tools to played with.
6 Hill Fort Advantage

Hill Fort Advantage©Dan Llywelyn Hall

How is your working process for a new painting?

I need an experience out of the studio to trigger feelings and a sense of connection. As soon as this presents itself the first marks go down and they are generally the most impassioned. Then the image finds its way through a melange of marks. With a bit of luck I connect the paint with an emotional state.
11 Coalface

Coalface©Dan Llywelyn Hall

Can you remember some important milestones in your artistic carrer?

Certain sittings with people have left indelible marks on my memory and I’d define milestones by individual paintings. I don’t look at my work as a career as such but more of s way of living.
Harry Patch The Last Tommy

Harry Patch – The Last Tommy©Dan Llywelyn Hall

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