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The 5 most romantic scenes in Impressionist paintings

Painting real life in “plein air”, captivating the impression of the moment, collecting light effects and neglecting the linear perspective are the words that spring to mind when talking about Impressionism.We are taking a journey through the most romantic scenes from Impressionist paintings and would like to present you a selection that is a little different from the most popular Impressionist paintings. Don’t forget – romantic is often in the small, subtle details.

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Gustave Caillebotte „Rue de Paris ; temps de pluie“ 1877


This scene, set in the magnificent Parisian streets, shows a few people milling around on a overcast, rainy day (even if the critics said that Caillebotte had forgotten to paint any rain!). Rain or no rain, we are still able to discover the harmony and equilibrium in his painting.

There is a certain simplicity created through the positioning of the vertical axes focussing on this beautiful couple and the horizontal axes which allows the other ramblers to diverge in different directions, all from the view point of the spectator. The city of love seems so silent and still, the couple in the foreground are walking comfortably arm in arm, with the man holding the umbrella for his partner as they stroll through the streets of Paris.

Edouard Manet „Le dejeuner sur l’herbe“, 1863


A nude woman among clothed men taking lunch on the grass, was a huge shock to the public at the time. Rejected by the Salon of the French Academy, this painting took a while to gain its current celebrated status. Going against all contemporary conventions, this woman’s nudity could not be justified by either mythology or allegory. Nevertheless it is part of the art history canon of today, an emblem of modern art and today it is exhibited at the Museum of Orsay in Paris. It is the atmosphere surrounding the image that made us choose this painting as especially romantic. The three look contented and relaxed as they share a meal amongst the pastoral greenery.

Claude Monet, „Terrasse à Sainte-Adresse“,1867


One of the leading figures of Impressionism painted this beautiful scene in Sainte-Adresse, next to la Manche, where he came often to find inspiration. This scene is veiled in a peaceful atmosphere, showing a couple next to the sea, flags flying in the wind, and some people sitting on chairs. It is this perfect mix between the slight ocean breeze and the sun dappled garden, the comfortable attitude to each other makes the viewer think how beautiful it must be to share a moment with one’s love there.

Winslow Homer, “Summer Night“, 1890

A Summer Night

French people might be considered the most romantic in the world but this American painter proves that Romance is still alive and well in the USA. Winslow Homer is recognized as one of the most famous impressionist painters in America but because of his unique style- between Realism and Symbolism “Summer Night” is his absolute (and America’s first) masterpiece. The rough waves of the ocean seem to be in contrast with the two silhouettes of dancing women, or just seem to fulfill each other? It is the declaration of love that lets us revel in eternity by observing this painting.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec „Dans le lit“, 1892


Henri de Tououse-Lautrec painted several scenes of couples in bed, and this one is known as one of the best. The perspective might be confusing on the first glance, as it brings you right into the space of the couple. We are led directly into the bedroom and are part to this private, intimate scene. The colours chosen by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec are warm tones, all light is concentrated on the faces of the couple, his painting materials are diversified, the light is completely developed. Having some distance between them, the couple still looks at each other and is reminiscent of lazy sunday mornings waking up next to one’s love.

The Romance of Singulart

Not only do we have special feelings for our artists, they also make us flutter with their beautiful paintings. Hugo Pondz,Lezzueck Coosemans and Muriel Dorembus transform us into the greatest romantics.

Hugo Pondz

Hugo Pondz is an artist of its time. according to him painting should not only be a representation of beauty, instead it should also reflect the events of our era.

l'approche de l'été

L’approche de l’été,© Hugo Pondz, Singulart Artist

Lezzueck Cooseman

Lezzueck Coosemans‘ works, inspired by the style of naive painting, lead into a surreal fairytale world. The artist sees his photographic productions as paintings in which human beings, flora and fauna are brought together harmoniously through long-term exposure.

Königreich des Friedens

Königreich des Friedens,© Lezzueck Coosemans, Singulart Artist

Muriel Dorembus

Muriel Dorembus seeks the harmony in the world, and from each of her introperspectival journeys, she brings tones, colours, and odours that only she can perceive, creating this immature poetry that manifests itself in her works.

fantaisies passionnelles IX

Fantaisies passionnelles IX,© Muriel Dorembus, Singulart Artist

If you are looking to bring some romance to your day, have a look and take some inspiration from subtle Romance in these paintings.

Discover our most lovely paintings !


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