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Classicism’s most beautiful paintings

At the end of the 18th century, classicism paved the way for art.
Reverted to the baroque and the allegory, the artists of the Classicist movement were inspired by the understanding of beauty from Ancient and Roman art.

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres –Le Bain turc, 1862


The Turkish bath was originally commissioned by Prince Napoleon. He sent it back and Ingres reworked the structure of the piece. He transformed the rectangular image into a tondo and reassembled figures of earlier works. The artist moved between Paris and Rome according to what his work demanded of him. He was regarded as a representative of classicism, and at the same time, maintained the tradition of the Ancient art.

Jacques-Louis David –Bonaparte franchissant le Grand-Saint-Bernard, 1800


As a court painter of the French royal house, the artist painted numerous works relating to the subjects of history and antiqueness. A stay in Rome influenced his work in many ways. After his return to Paris he was a political figure and a revolutionary painter. With the coronation of Napoleon, Davids painted many historical paintings, including Napoleon’s Coronation, as well as the painting presented here. The downfall of Napoleon was also to be that of the artist.

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein –Goethe in der Campagna, 1787


German classicism can not be discussed without addressing one of its most important representatives: Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein who completed the turn from Rococo to Classicism in Rome. There he painted a wide spectrum of genres: historical paintings, still life and landscapes. He also met Johann Wolfgang Goethe there and painted him the same, and the after-effects of this meeting is widely regarded as one of the most famous paintings of classicism.

Angelika Kauffmann –Selbstporträt, 1784


As a daughter of a painter specializing in portraits and frescos, Angelika Kauffmann probably made use of this talent. Influenced by the art of her father and several stays in Italy, she drew many well-known works. Particularly successful and till today one of the most beautiful paintings of the classicism is the self-portrait. Angelika Kauffmann also knew Goethe personally and painted a portrait of him. The following words described their feelings after his departure:
“Your departure from us pierced my heart and soul.”

Singulart quite classic

The artists Patrick Palmer, Eloise Cotty and François Pagé have been inspired by classicism.

Patrick Palmer

The English artist Patrick Palmer sets the task to create himself, he specializes in the human body.


Violet© David Palmer, Singulart Artist

Eloise Cotty

Eloise Cotty chooses classical contents for her artworks and translates them to the Internet-capable scene. The community, whether in reality, or on the web plays an important role for the artist.


Photobomb 1© Eloise Cotty, Singulart Artist

François Pagé

The work of François Pagé is the result of long deliberations and studies of the great masters.

je vous peins le jour

Même si je vous peins le jour, je passerai mes nuits à vous regarder dormir©François Pagé, Singulart Artist

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