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Artwork for home

It is getting colder, sandals remain in the closet, clothes become thicker, and in the evening when you arrive home, the first thing you will do is make a cup of tea to increase your body temperature – in short, autumn is knocking at the door! And with him the need of warmth and comfort and the longing for the home.

A beautiful home


The ideal time to think about the interior of one’s own four walls!
Decorations, lamps and pillows have, as we know, a special effect that radiates across the entire room.

In the opposite sense, bare walls radiate a sense of coldness, just what we do not want in winter! This raises the question of how to find the right wall decoration that warms one’s heart.

Art for home


Paintings of all kinds are a wonderful way of uplifting the atmosphere at home. Whether it be the Children’s first drawning a picture from last summers holiday, or an art print from a emerging artist hanging just above the TV, the goal is to do good to the eyes.

The decisions to be made are concerning the framing, mounting and the perfect position but what about the content of the artwork?

Make the right choice


The most effective way to search for artworks is as often to be viewed individually, tastes are different, the perception of effect as well.
To one, it may be their favorite painting, to the other, they would not even hang it in their basement.

But what human beings are like is the attachment to something with which they can connect a story. For this reason, the popularity of “real art” is growing. True in the sense of Original, a work of a real artist, with a certificate and a story behind it. And isn’t this what makes it speciall? As personal as the apartment itself.

Find inspiration on Singulart

The artworks presented by Singulart’s platform are unique pieces of selected artists and have their very own history. The paintings of Lau Blou, Hervé Perdriel and Michel Huelin could suit any home.

Lau Blou believes that light and colour are the things that write life, that surrounds each person and that gives energy to them.”

LauBlou Cité antique

Cité antique, © Lau Blou, Singulart Artist

The artist Hervé Perdriel can be defined as a virtual artist because he uses the images as a material to create compositions closer to painting than to photography and abstraction.

Arbre rouge,© Hervé Perdriel, Singulart Artist

Michel Huelin, the Swiss artist, creates works that are astonishingly realistic and yet correspond to a manipulative reality. This is precisely why you bring the viewer on a journey between worlds and put in question paintings and the correctness of the vision.


Floating 4 © Michel Huelin, Singulart Artist

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