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Art for living room

The living room is the central point of any home. They spend most of their time there, most of the guests are accommodated, and often it is the largest room of their own home.

The right wall decoration

In order to find one or more paintings, which put the finishing touches on the living room, some factors may play a role, such as the size of the walls, the decor, whether the living room is more cozy or elegant.
The size of the walls can also be used to determine the size of the painting.
With the furnishing of the living room, conclusions can be drawn about the framing of the work of art. Fine metal frames look chic, wide wooden frames fit in comfortable ambience and no framing is another option, which makes the picture look quite different. Painting, photography, abstract, realism, or black and white – there are many possibilities.


The right content for your artwork

But which artwork to choose for a lively, much-used space? That depends on the effect that the heartpiece living room wants to be achieved. Whether harmony, calm, warmth, or energy, the right content of the artwork pays off.

Singulart in the living room

On our platform are many paintings, which are best suited for the living room.

Harmony with Glib Franko

The Ukrainian artist performs dialogues with the world in his works. How suitable for extravagant conversations in good company. The wind, the touch with the sun, Glib Franko compares realities with transcendence. The warm, soft colors of Red Sunset are balanced and create harmony.

glib franko

Red Sunset © Glib Franko, Singulart Artist

Energy with François Husson

Life leaves marks, as the painting of François Husson illustrates. Between light and shadow, sometimes chaotic, phase-wise quiet, this painting brings change and energy into the living room and stimulates positivity.


Cicatrice 3 © François Husson, Singulart Artist

Balancing with Veronika Tumova

In order to create these quiet and dreamlike works, Veronika Tumova is often alone in nature in the search for peace, the perfect light and the poetic mood.


Freedom© Veronika Tumova, Singulart Artist

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