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The trend of buying online has continued to spread over the past few years and has reached the art market.
To buy art online 10 years ago was still rare, but today it is almost normal.

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Online art platforms have the advantage that they are not limited. Neither by international boundaries, nor in the physical space. Two market reports specialised in the art market confirm a steady growth in the number of art purchases made online.

Development on the internet

The factors that were then regarded as an obstacle, such as the proof of the authenticity of the artworks and also the often high prices in art, are today more user-friendly and safer.
The online purchase of art rose to 8.4% in 2016 according to one of the most important art reports. This number concerns paintings, photographs but also other media.

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Tips for buying art on the Internet

The works should be delivered with a certificate of authenticity that guarantees authenticity and originality, thus avoiding unnecessary problems in case of a resale.
The shipping should be insured. For the case of a damaged delivery, this prevents disappointment and expensive surprises. Furthermore the logistic company gives out tracking numbers in order to be able to monitor the shipping and remain informed about the delivery date.
The secured payment in the online trade belongs to the fixed program of almost all providers now. This takes place via third-party intermediaries, who take over the money transfer. Therefore, it is a protection against transactions without subsequent product content.

Transparency in form of General Terms and Conditions of Sale and contact data are of great importance, especially on the Internet. Contact information, information about the operators of the site, the possibility to exchange personally with the employees, brings confidence and assure the buyer.

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