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Great portrait paintings

The portrait, the representation of a certain person, is still a popular genre of painting.
With the depiction of gods and biblical figures, the genre of portrait painting finds its beginning in the Middle Ages.
The following portraits illustrate important people in our history:

Alfred Dürer –Hieronymus, 1526

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Alfred Dürer painted his friend Hieronymus Holzschuher in 1526 and secured his portrait with every brush stroke into eternity.
Alfred Dürer was born in Nuremberg and had Hungarian ancestry. His father, a skilled goldsmith, brought Alfred Dürer close to creativity. He drew numerous watercolors and famous portraits, as the one presented here.

Giorgione – Portrait of a young man, 1508


Hardly any details are known about the native Italian Giorgione. Educated in Venice, his paintings and frescoes are well-known.
He became famous for his poetic perception, the mode of representation and the perfection of color transitions.

Hans Holbein – Der Kaufmann Georg Gisze, 1532


The German painter Hans Holbein grew up in an artist family and depicted the merchant Georg Gisze in his office in 1532. Probably a commissioned painting, as the elegant clothes and the pompous details of the work can be seen. A Latin inscription in the upper center of the portrait ensures that the merchant Georg Gisze is recognized.

Singulart in portrait

The artists on Singulart have also devoted themselves to the genre of portraiture, and sometimes have different definitions. The portraits of Charlotte Flamand, Jorin Bossen and Françoise Watin speak their own language.

Charlotte Flamand

For Charlotte Flamand, painting allows the expansion and unfolding of one’s own will. Her portrait of Orphée in strong red expresses her strong will.


Orphée ©Charlotte Flamand, Singulart Artist

Jorin Bossen

Jorin Bossen explores the myths of being a rock star. His portraits capture their personality and attitude while capturing a humanizing vulnerability.

Nick Lowe © Jorin Bossen, Singulart Artist

Françoise Watin

“A landscape reaches me through its lively, rhythmic structure. A face because it is like a riddle. ” Thus the way Françoise Watin approaches her works.
With Vanité, Françoise Watin succeeds in linking the enigma of the face to the rhythms of landscape.


Vanité©Françoise Watin, Singulart Artist

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