vincent tagliabue

The term art gallery describes a space in which art is exhibited and sold. Depending on the main emphasis of the gallery the exhibited art is mostly specialised in artists, media or genre.

From architecture to art


The term “gallery” finds its origin in architecture, the “Galleria” described an open, arched and light-flooded area, usually supported by pillars and located on the upper floor, as in the famous “Uffizi” in Florence, Italy. After the establishment of various offices in the building, a  art collection was exhibited and accessible to the public. Even today the “Galleria degli Uffzi and Galleria dell’Accademia” is one of the most famous art galleries in the world.

The difference between art museums and art galleries


Since then, numerous museums and galleries have been established. The biggest difference: economic interest. While museums exhibit private collections, the exhibited works of art are in private ownership and are usually offered for sale. Accordingly, museums are more of a preservation of the cultural heritage and galleries for a contemporary representation.
The task of the galleries is to represent artists, to make them known and to sell their works. This requires a great deal of publicity, as well as a suitable presentation and corresponding knowledge about the artist, his motives and motivations.

Online art galleries like Singulart

The development of online trade has advanced and does not leave the art market unaffected. Online art galleries like Singulart same as physical galleries, also offer works of art from artists and invite to look at works, offer information about artists and individual works. Through this space, physical boundaries can be overridden and opening hours no longer play a role. Virtual tours are available and curators are available by email and telephone. Furthermore, online art galleries deal with shipping and transport of works of art.

Singulart and its artists

Singulart offers a wide range of works from currently 180 artists from 23 nations. The artist pages provide information on the life of artists and their relationship to art. The pages of the artworks inform about the specific works, or series.

To be discovered is, for example, the universe of Vincent Tagliabue.

vincent tagliabue

The Swiss painter takes up universal themes and processes them in a special way, such as following oeuvre:


Paix  © Vincent Tagliabue, Singulart Artist

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