Meet the artist Sarah Kaiser, painter

Short summary about you?

I have been making art for as long as I can remember, and I make it for several reasons:

  • It’s therapeutic (meditative)
  • Escapism (the real world is scary)
  • I sell my work occasionally (to pay for supplies/studio space)
  • It’s what I do best

In addition, I’m 43 years old, and am from the Greater Cincinnati Area (Northern Kentucky). I teach art at Wright College in Chicago as well as at the Evanston Art Center. I have a family (a husband, two step-sons and a dog). I live in Evanston, IL. My studio is in the Noyes Cultural Arts Center in Evanston. I like to travel, and I speak Spanish. I’m studying Portuguese (my husband was born and raised in Portugal.) He is a Physics Professor at Northwestern University.
Dusk #2

Dusk #2© Sarah Kaiser

What is your art about?

Currently, my art is about my engagement with nature. (Woman vs. nature). Big skies/Romanticism. Some of my favorite artists are Caspar David Friedrich, William Turner, and John Constable. I’m intrigued by clouds, storms, water (landscapes). I have been painting several rural landscapes to escape from the city. I live in an urban environment.
Ode to Turner

Ode to Turner© Sarah Kaiser

Do you have favourite materials to work with?

Oil paint is my favorite medium because I can do so much with it. I can make it transparent like watercolor but it’s more resilient. I like thinning out the color with mediums (glazing). I prefer to paint on canvas. Sometimes I collage bits of copper leaf under the surface

Sunset© Sarah Kaiser

Has anything changed about your working processes during your artistic career?

Yes, my subject matter has changed. I used to paint primarily birds, but now I am more interested in landscapes and figures. Also, I used to prefer to paint on wood, but now I prefer canvas. Wood is great for detail, but it shows speck of dust. Canvas is lighter, and as a result, I can work larger.
1.Coming Home

Coming Home© Sarah Kaiser

What artists do you admire?

Some of my favorite artists are Caspar David Friedrich, William Turner, John Constable, and Patrice Sullivan. I also have some friends in Chicagoland whose work I admire: Jennifer Presant and Chris Cosnowski.

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