Meet the Multi-Media Artist Dave Farnham

Short summary about you?

I took the normal route – Art College, degree and an MA in fine art. I then went into Post Production: TV commercials and music videos.
I currently work part-time as an artist’s assistant – this allows me three/four days a week in my own studio.
My inspiration comes from questioning traditional genres of art, be it life drawing, sculpture, or still life. I push new mediums at these well-trodden subjects, forcing the viewer to rethink/question them.
In my previous works, I use a pyrotechnic fuse wire to draw with; currently I use 3D printing to sculpt and model – for me, it is all about experimenting with mediums.

3D render file for‘Folded Porsche’– 2017© Dave Farnham

What is your art about?

My arts practice challenges traditional approaches to mark making and sculpture. Previously, as I have said, I have used pyrotechnic fuse wire to “draw” with, depicting light and dark within varying compositions.
However, my current artworks represent an on-going body of work that aim to re-think life drawing and figurative sculpture. I am driven by my passion for process, and I am constantly exploring new mediums and techniques when creating my works.

‘Self portrait from MRi scan’ – 2014© Dave Farnham

In amalgamating art, new technologies and new modes of printing, I am able to capture the make-up of the subject and replicate individual physiology.
Through the process of 3D scanning and extracting medical data from CT scans I am able to capture and recreate the “sitters” physical structure. The work therefore plays with the notion of traditional life drawing / sculpture in so much as, whilst it still explores the figurative nature of a subject, in digitally capturing the “sitter”, I am able to expose the ultimate fragility of the subject, thereby creating an allegorical representation of life and it’s delicate nature.

3D render file for‘Jack Sleeping’– 2017© Dave Farnham

How did you come to art, or how did art come to you?

My GSCE art teacher gave me the confidence to apply for A-Level and to do a degree in art – I have to thank her.

Has anything changed about your working processes during your artistic career?

I make artworks in mediums that best suit my subject, so everything changes, regularly! Previously, I have used photography to capture staged War and Still Life compositions. Latterly, I have moved into 3D printing, as it is the natural progression with the subject I am currently exploring at this moment.

‘Dulce et decorum est’ – 2007© Dave Farnham

Are you interested about the guys who buy your art?

No, I would like to thank them for making a great decision, but I don’t need to know them!

Discover Dave Farnham and his artworks here
Also you can find him on Twitter:@davefarnhamuk and Instagram:@davefarnham

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