Meet the artist Kye Wilson !

Kye Wilson© Kevin Thelwell

You in a few words?

I am an award winning visual artist and film-maker. I use moving-image to create films, video art and installations including multi-disciplinary, site-specific, and live artworks. My works have been performed, exhibited and screened nationally and internationally.

What is your artistic singularity ?

My work focusses on how technology can help to explore the embodiment of people and places. I use specialised equipment and innovative film-making techniques to enable audiences to engage with these identities and bring their own self and experiences to the artworks.
AngellegnA by Kye Wilson

AngellegnA© Kye Wilson

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy working collaboratively as it enables me to make quality works and enriches my own/others professional development.
As a visual artist/film-maker working on ambitious projects I always have to work collaboratively in some way. I agree with the late, Polish film director Krzysztof Kieślowski views on collaborating with others, in which he states he is the guardian of the ideas in his films, but he must serve them appropriately rather than just be a creator of them.
Monocular view by Kye Wilson

Monocular View© Kye Wilson

Do you change your techniques from time to time?

My preferential medium is video but when working on interdisciplinary works my techniques change. For over a decade I have collaborated on integrated live performance and video installation works with Czech performance artist Helena Eflerová, as artist collective Wilson-Eflerová. These artworks occupy a space where installation, performance and video cross over. Enabling us to learn from our specialisms, create artworks that are difficult to classify, and find new and exciting ways of working together.
Working together challenges our respective moving-image and performance practices, and collectively enables us to devise and realise new works that are innovative and completely unique.
Spearman by Kye Wilson and Tony Spencer

Spearman© Kye Wilson and Tony Spencer

Which painting would you choose for your living room and why?

As I am a moving-image artist I would choose a piece of video art. This work would be in situated between still and moving image, so something subtle like Breathing Bird by Belgian artist David Claerbout.

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