Meet the artist David Fredrik Moussallem

Please introduce yourself to us!

I am a mixed-media artist from Toronto with a background in advertising and graphic design. My works are inspired by extensive world travels experiencing different places, cultures and people. I grew up traveling all over and had the opportunity to view a changing world through the eyes of a child. These days I mostly focus my works on urban youth. I use many different materials in my paintings, specifically street posters, personal photography and found materials.

junk-mail © David Fredrik Moussallem

Why do you make art?

I frequentlycreate works because painting is such an honest and connective form of communication. My paintings give me a chance to express myself without judgment or compromise. I really enjoy what I do and its become an important part of my life. Like many things, painting can be both a creative and therapeutic outlet. At the end of the day it makes me happy.

daze© David Fredrik Moussallem

When working on a new project, what are the first steps you do?

I like to begin with a concept in mind, even if it’s still very primitive. I always start my work with some reflection. It’s very similar to writing your thoughts in a journal – you first have to make sense of it all in your head and eventually it all spills out and you can’t stop. The painting itself is just the end result of my thought process. It’s easy to create new works, but more difficult to get in the right frame of mind. I find it’s important to not overthink and take the work too seriously – as your mind starts to lose its clarity.

the-retrograde-crowd© David Fredrik Moussallem

What are the highlights of your artistic career?

Finding a world-wide network of collectors has been the best part. Shipping works to Australia, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Los Angeles has been amazing. Losing track of all the countries and cities has been even better. I’ve also had the chance to exhibit in some global art hubs and its been nice to get the works in front of large audiences. Being included among prominent “Invest In Art” emerging artists early in my career was definitely a highlight.

scarecrows© David Fredrik Moussallem

What artists do you admire?

I admire Salvador Dali and always have. Not just for the way he painted, but the way he lived his art. He was always on – a living masterpiece. Being in the collage world, I look up to Mark Bradford like everybody else. I am very much inspired by David Carson’s graphic design work from the 90’s which really changed the way I understand communication and information. There’s a long list of emerging artists with so much talent.

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