Ofir Dor for Singulart !

Where comes your inspiration from?

Inspiration I find in anything that has life, power, spirit, truth and reality in it.

What does it mean to you to make art?

It means taking something personal, private, prosaic and extract something permanent and broad out of it.

The Horse, its Owner, His Wife and the Jockey© OFIR DOR

How does your atelier look like?

It’s full of paintings.

Are you interested by the buyers of your art ? Do you want to know about their reasons ?

Many of the people who bought my paintings I never met, I am curious. With others I had long friendships and important conversations.
I want to know who they are but more than this I want them to love the paintings and to want to have them around.

Finger Food© OFIR DOR

How do you think is the value of art measurable?

The real value is to be measured in terms of energy, power and impact. It’s probably the only important question, and the most difficult to answer.
By practicing painting you learn all about value.
Or do you mean in Dollars? cause that’s a different question.

Artist and Muse © OFIR DOR

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