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How does your atelier look like ?

Myworking spaceis in a coworking space dedicated to the visual arts, in the center of Paris, which is rare.It gives me the opportunity to meet other artists. I do my work on composition and research on a computer and I havethereat my disposal computers, large format printers and 3D … I go from oneor another to my desk, or I paint.

Façades© Rémi Delaplace

How do you find the titles for your artworks ?

I attach great importance to thetitles of my work pieces: they are keys to understand my reflection, the context of my creation.
Many ofthosetitles come from my readings, Deleuze, Merleau Ponty, Didi Hubermann ….
Others comedirectly from the “contact dance” that I practice and from my reflections onrelation to space.
I take notes in a notebook, possible titles appear.

Il eut changement puis la situation changea© Rémi Delaplace

What do you think about online art galeries?

The art market is changing. In a globalized world,it is opening to discover new talents. But the multitude requires a cultivatedeye andknowledge onhow to make choices. On the one hand, part of themarket tends to popularize artworks by making them accessiblethroughderivative products (photos of original works or other), it is often a low-end market. On the other hand,a few websites appearthat investquality, make choices, in short they do the job of a gallerist.

Please tell us more in deep about “Bodies”?

Bodies© Rémi Delaplace
My work in dance strives to deepen a presence attentive to myself and I try to apply it to painting.
My body in the fabric of the world is an idea directly derived from contact dance and also from the definition that perception is made of the philosopher Merleau Ponty. Our apprehension of the world is limited to our ability to perceive it. Our world is limited to our horizon. It is perfectly individual, there is not a world in which we move but our own world which we deploy and which we create by our quality of perception.
I used the term ’embodiment’ to signify that both my act of artistic creation, the position of spectator facing my works call upon this notion of relationship with our environment.
I found in the idea of ​​landscape a perfect metaphor of the body; Memory-body with its strata, its scars, moving bodies, body-space.
It is true that our consciousness allows us to extend its limits.
The landscape without human figure becomes a space with its events. It forms a whole which we fully given at first glance.

Are you interested by the buyers of your art ? Do you want to know about their reasons ?

I had the chance to meet my buyers, there was always an exchange.Each of them appropriates my work with his own references. I makea difference between what motivates my work and what motivates a buyer. Part of my thinkingis related to the notion of perception. I am the first viewer of my works, but it is important for me to check that my aesthetic choices are well perceived and received by others. It is very rewarding tomeet not only a buyer of my work, but also have a nicehuman contact: it is even more motivating.

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