Meet the artist Eva Paar

Brief introduction of yourself.

Talking about oneself is always difficult for me. I am me I paint in traditional oil techniques but in a different style. People have to go away from my paintings to see the details.

Do your work engage with current events (and how)?

It is difficult not to react on current events or impressions. I hear the news (mostly I try to avoid them to a degree), I see a scene in a film, I get impressions seeing people living their life. Mostly the impressions go through a highly positive filter, so the result shows the unreal beauty of the artistic held moment.
Sense the day – 2011, oil on canvas 200cm x 150cm

Can you describe your typical working day?

No day is like the day before. It really depends on creativity. When I feel it is a good day, I search for new stuff, make sketches and try on new stuff and ideas. On other days, I try to get my paperwork done. Honestly, there is no really typical working day for me.
Hot – 2007, oil on canvas 40cm x 80cm

Which techniques do you want to try next?

I will try to go back and do some analog photography, just ordered an old 35mm film camera and some black and white films. It will be interesting in the digital times, when you have to wait a week for the result of your work.
My word is good – 2008, oil on canvas 80cm x 80cm

Which painting would you choose for your living room and why?

Besides that there is no place left, I definitely would hang a painting of the medieval fantasy painter Hieronymus Bosch (1450 – 1516). The paintings show so much color and details, and his style was very futuristic for his time.
Indian Summer – 2010, oil on canvas 120cm x 80cm

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