Meet the artist Brian Spies

Short summary about you? I’m an artist and galleried residing in rural Pennsylvania in the north east of the United States. I am the director of the Factory Works Gallery and the Williamsport Community Darkroom both at the Pajama Factory, an arts complex here. I received my MFA from America’s oldest Arts school, the Pennsylvania Academy Of Fine Arts in 2012. “Megan”Photo Transfer, Gold Leaf, Aerosol, Canvas10 x 8 inches,2017 What is your art about? Increasingly I find myself occupied with Beauty. In such difficult times as these, beauty speaks to the importance of art in the human condition. “Unicorn 4”Ink, Colored Pencil, Gelatin Silver Print20 x 16 inches,2017 How did you come to art, or how did art come to you? I always made art but I hadn’t planned on pursuing it. While in high school I had intended to become an academic, teaching philosophy at the college level. Unfortunately I wasn’t accepted to any of the schools to which I applied so at my parents urging I took some art classes at a local university. Without that I don’t think I’d be an artist. “Ayla 7”Photo Transfer, Gold Leaf, Aerosol, Canvas10 x 8 inches,2017 Has anything changed about your working processes during your artistic career? So much, for example at the outset of graduate school I was a painter, thru the process of studying art I realized I didn’t need or want to paint and thus returned to my under graduate field of photography. “Unicorn 1”Ink, Archival Inkjet Print10 x 7 inches,2017 How does your atelier look like? I run a community black and white photography darkroom. Most of my art is made there. It’s just your typical darkroom but it’s located in an historic Pajama Factory that’s been converted into an arts building. Discover Brian here