Interview with the artist Florence Traissac

How did you come to art, or how did art come to you?

Since I was a child I have loved drawing, it was my real environment and the moments I felt the best were when I was drawing. I kept that passion, and after school, it was pretty clear to me that my studies would have been in that area. So I studied graphic design and illustration in Paris.After being graphic designer, I switched career for a while but kept drawing and now I full time work in what I love: painting.

Do your work engage with current events?

I just had an exhibition at the Visula Art Center in Hong Kong. About expat life and vision. I am currently working on a Hermes collaboration for an event.

I have other exciting projects soon to come!


© Florence Traissac

Are you interested by the buyers of your art? Do you want to know about their reasons for buying?

Yes of course! I usually have a pretty open and friendly relation with my buyers, they contact me and tell me what they feel about my pantings, and it is either that the atmosphere is what they feel, or they just love the harmony of the colors and happiness of the painting. I love getting my clients feedback. It is a special gift to receive about your work.

unnamed (2)

© Florence Traissac

How does your studio look like?

A big space with canvas and papers, paint, brushes and many other things I need at the moment. But I am about to move to another place!

Can you tell us a bit about Aberdeen diptyque?


Aberdeen Diptyque© Florence Traissac

Aberdeen diptyque represents a part of my Hong Kong. My vision of Hong Kong is a mix of modern and tradition that combined together makes it a very special place to live, with a special vibe. The colors represent to me the energy that this city gives.

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