Meet the artist Anna Gerolymatou

How did you find your voice as an artist?

Over the years I have been experimenting with a variety of techniques, mostly painting. I evolved over time, putting my learning along the way into one comprehensive style that is mine alone.
My artistic journey started in 2012 when I decided to experiment with mixed media. I worked for almost a year with a variety of materials seeking to develop my personal artistic style.
But “finding your voice” is not just about style but rather about substance.Inspiration was combined with introspection and self -examination.I looked at my own life experiences and my own personal “journey”, with many other influences along the way.
My shape of life,Mixed media artwork, acrylics, stencils, found image, inks, crayons, etc, 30x40cm

How does your atelier look like?

In my atelier I have pots of pink and white orchids and I usually work while listening to music.This is a place where I am surrounded by tender reminders of the past and I get inspired. It is my refuge, where my dreams become reality and where my silence is disrupted. All current experiences interact with the past in my own creative space.

Can you tell us a bit about ‘In doubt’?

This particular artwork is a combination of creativity and my thoughts on sensitivities, the closeness of personal relationships where intimacy plays a dominant role.The lady sitting with her back is hiding her secretive, intimate thoughts. She is doubtful and hesitant whether to reveal her true self and become vulnerable.The vivid red on the left is the exact opposite where all these sensitivities surface and contradict the image on the right; the red is self-confidence personified.
‘In doubt’,mixed media collage using acrylics, stencils, inks, and other media, 70x100cm

How do you find the titles for your artworks?

Sometimes there may be an underlying story behind the artwork that generates the title. I enjoy enormously the procedure of finding titles as it is a kind of game for me.
On other occasions, the inspiration comes from my reading.

Which art/photography fair do you appreciate the most and why?

I am an ardent art lover and I enjoy all kind of exhibitions. My favourite ones are the retrospective exhibitions of the Impressionists as I appreciate very much this particular period in art.
A plethora of galleries have re-mapped the art-scapes of major cities and there is a big number of places hosting art events. Personally, I enjoy very much FIAC in Paris, the Venice Biennale and Frieze in London.
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