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We present: Imprint Lumen

The online art gallery Imprint Lumen officially started in February 2017.

Something that during autumn 2016 was just an idea and one of many topics during family gatherings, several months later these discussions resulted in the launch of a small family-owned business.


All works are made by artists who are not strictly photography or art professionals. Some of them have formal education as academic painters and respected careers behind them, some of them are photographers and graphic designers while some of them are digital artists and students.

Currently all the artists are from Serbia and the themes are mostly Serbian. However, we do have permanent open calls for other artists to join us, in order to attract artists all round the world and to discover hidden gems both in photography and digital art.


Regarding the primary mission of Imprint Lumen’s, it is an Art Gallery-Printing Services-Business Service. The first one gives customers the possibility to choose works from our catalogue, the second one gives customers the ability to send their photos from their camera or mobile phone to us be printed out and finally – we are offering service to businesses in order to help them define a particular concept, make a choice and acquire prints, which we will help them to arrange and hang on their walls.

Payment is processed through PayPal (worldwide) or through a local bank payment system (for Serbia only). All prices include VAT. Shipping is worldwide, but is free of charge for Serbia, as it is country where Imprint Lumen is located. We are using services from one of the best European photo labs, located in Germany. For Giclée fine art paper prints we are using Epson printing services here in Serbia.


In the products and formats and prices section, customer can find detailed description of our products – Gallery prints (e.g. Acrylic glass-Paper-Alu dibond combination), Alu-dibond, direct print on Acrylic glass, Fine art paper prints and direct Forex foam prints.

Our primary goal is to attract more customers, togive them the best for their money and to establish ourselves as a highly reliable, adaptable and cooperative partner.


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