We present: The Tinker Brothers

Could you briefly present yourselves and your artistic singularity?

We are the new kids on the block. We are the Tinker Brothers, stencil artists from the Netherlands. Dropped out of University in 2012 to pursue the dream of being among the most influential artists of our time. Every great artist, musician and writer, poet and scientist, guru and philosopher that has ever walked the face of the earth tapped into the same source — something beyond words. We believe that with our ‘invisible’ paintings; stencilled pieces of images inspired by pop culture in varnish on white canvas, there might be a chance of capturing the essence of that source, or at least hint at it. We make art to deepen the mystery. There is a fire burning in each and every one of us, a deeply rooted feeling that there is more to life than playing small and making a living, a fundamental truth that when it strikes will awaken you like thunder in the night — anyone who is on to this is on to greatness.


Sooner Or Later, 2018, 120x90cm

You dropped out of university and quit your jobs to follow your dream of becoming artists – when did you first discover your passion for art? Why exactly did you start pursuing your dream in 2012?

Early 2012 we both realized that we were heading towards a life of mediocrity, cubicle suicide so to say, and to be honest, it scared the hell out of us. That’s when we decided to go all in. So, we dropped out of University, quit our jobs, got rid of all the “stuff” we had accumulated over the years and started anew. Little did we know that the heavy purging served as a catalyst for our personal awakening. It was like throwing gasoline on a campfire. With a hunger for greatness and the desire to create it didn’t take long for us to realize the art world is about the only place where you could do whatever the fuck you want and get away with it.

How is the dynamic of you two working together – help us to picture the creative process?

What starts as an idea is transformed into an image, cut by hand into a stencil and spray painted onto canvas. And the dynamic of us working together? Is like watching one of those 24/7 home cooking shows; smooth as fuck. What we do to get inspired is unfortunately something we can not give away — can you imagine Willy Wonka spilling the beans?


I Am Batman, 2018, 150x100cm

In your work you explore the roles of the Rebel, Joker and Poet – which one suits your personalities the most?

They are moods really—sometimes we feel like going out and setting the world on fire, other times we feel like doing absolutely nothing and let the world move us. And, well, about the joker, the joker is what happens when you pour us a drink and we start telling lies.

Your recent work is inspired by classic comics – why comics and how do you decide which story lines, persona and elements to choose from?

We love using bold, powerful yet simple imagery in our work. Comics offer a way out of everyday ordinary life to enter into a world of possibilities. Like a real-life superhero once said: “There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one we are capable of living”. Comics help us remember.


Obey My Ass, 2018, 120x120cm

Where do you see yourself artistically in a few years?

Having discovered our signature style which is perhaps best described as ‘invisible paintings’, the only way is up—the sky is the limit. Our vision is to be exhibited and represented by blue-chip galleries all over the world. However, making it all about fame and glory is like chasing down the yellow brick road. So, in answer to your question; we are already there.

Which trends do you see in the recent Dutch artistic scene?

All around us, not just in the Netherlands, we see people taking matters into their own hands, revolting against traditional and established ideas—making way for the new. The world is waking up, slowly, but gradually. Big things are happening.

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