US artist Carle Shi in the focus

Could you briefly describe yourself and the approach in your artistic work?

Life is art, my art is my life.

You studied in China and are now living in NYC – how does your origine influence your work?

The origine influences deeply affect my art works until now.

The origine influence to my art works was from Europe.

My first influence artist was the French artist Pierre Bonnard. When I was student in Tianjin Academy of Fine Art in China, I met the Chinese French artist Zhao Wuji. He gave us a lecture and also introduced to us the French artist Bonnard. After I moved to the US, I was influenced by the Dutch artists Rembrandt, Vermeer, and the 16 and 17th century Dutch still life painters such as Carl Heda and Willem Claeszoon and many more …


Title “Blue Kiss”, 2017, 61×51 cm

Throughout your artistic career you worked with different painting styles – which styles did you enjoy working with the most, which styles challenged you the most and which one would you like to try in the future?

I have been enjoying all kinds of paintings styles at different times. The future style will challenge me the most which I am working on it now.

What have been the highlights of your artistic career?

All of them are highlights in my career at different times, I am looking forward to the next one – this will be the highlight.


Authority, 2016, 122×366 cm

Which artists do you admire?

So many …

How would you describe the recent artistic scene and its development in NYC?

Right now of my latest works in NYC which through my artistic expresses to creating extraordinary and unique new concept of art works. I will focus on how my life expresses into my art works.


Perceiving, 2014, 178×152 cm

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