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New partnership with Glarify – the platform for art lovers

Glarify is the personalized platform for all fine art lovers, which uses modern machine learning technology to provide the right content to users based on their individual taste.

The two founders Felix and André establish with their art startup a special approach to experience art personalized through a suggestion algorithm. Glarify learns with its users to provide individual inspiration in the field of fine art. With the help of the integrated art map, artists and galleries have the opportunity to promote their exhibitions and breathe life into their digital portfolio, thus arousing the curiosity among the art lovers and inviting them to experience the work on site.


With the Google Map approach, the art scene is made visible through crowdsourcing of the information and enables an easy entry for interested art lovers. Whether at home or on the road, Glarify is a platform where hidden places, special exhibitions and emerging artists can be found, which have to be discovered. Classical barriers to the elitist art business are overcome and the art world is made accessible to a broader, art-interested audience. Thus, the art market as a whole is increased, which also increases the sales opportunities for the individual artist. Glarify pursues the democratic approach in the art world and focuses on the taste of the individual user as an indicator of what good art is. Based on the user behavior, the specially developed algorithm, based on the “Google Vision Engine” and the open source software “prediction.io”, provides suitable art proposals.

Currently there are signed up artists and galleries from more than 50 countries on Glarify.

The Glarify Founders


Felix Haas: “Curating in the art world is like creating a playlist of songs or putting together a good DJ set. But no one at Spotify or Soundcloud says to the musicians “You do not make good music, you can not upload anything here” but within the platform the users find the content they want. The users are the driving force and not a jury. We want to establish this mindset in the art world with Glarify. Of course, it needs curation, at best personalized for each individual to discover the pearls and to share it with others, but not to participate in our platform at all!”

André Kirberg:“No one should be dictated what good and what bad art is. For this reason, art lovers on Glarify get matching art proposals based on their likes, which they distribute or which favored artists and galleries they follow. The more you use our platform, the better these personal suggestions will be through our learning algorithm. Not everyone is impressed only by works of art, which are exhibited at Art Basel. That is why everyone sees on our platform what suits their own taste and experience. “

We are looking forward to an exciting partnership with the team ofGlarify!

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