David Studwell on the golden age of Hollywood, celebrities and nowadays starlets

What is your artistic singularity?

I feel that I’m different to many artists in the sense that my work harks back to bygone eras. The golden age of Hollywood, the fifties and the sixties have always attracted me. My focus is on a period when the word ‘celebrity’ actually meant something. Unlike today when reality TV or social media springboards unknowns into the spotlight.

How did you develop your very own style and has your approach and process changed throughout your artistic career?

I have ‘honed’ my style over a number of years and as I have progressed I have added further layers to my work. In my opinion giving it greater sophistication and depth.

When I recreate these ‘starlets’ of yesteryear, I’m trying to recreate the colours and tones of those eras; whilst planting them firmly in the present with my own splash of vivid technicolour.


Blondie, 2017, 152×109 cm

How do you choose the motives for your prints?

My motive is to explore celebrity, it’s dark side as well as what we see in magazines or on TV. That is why I create the mugshots – to display the flaws celebrities have – to prove they are only human like you or me. I also want to recreate the mood and glamour of those bygone eras, whilst putting my own unique contemporary stamp on each piece.

Are you also interested in working on depictions of current stars or personalities? And if so, who would you like to paint?

I am interested in working with images of modern day celebrities. I have several projects on the back burner which involve current day stars.


Elvis II, 2016, 57×47 cm

What have been the highlights of your artistic career so far? And do you have a vision what your artistic future might look like?

Last year I sold some pieces to Kate Moss. She visited a solo show I was doing in North London and picked up a couple of pieces. She also bought from me the year before at another show. Prior to this I sold work to Nile Rogers and George Michael’s cousin. It’s a privilege to sell to major names like these and get their feedback but it’s also great selling to the builder who lives around the corner!

I want to continue making beautiful work and hopefully at the same time increase the sophistication and subtlety of my work. I’m currently working on a very exciting project for a major celebrity. I’m afraid I can’t say anymore but watch this space.

Which artists do you admire?

I admire many artists. Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Picasso, Salvador Dalí, as well as some of the real masters like Michelangelo and Rembrandt.


Al Capone I, 2014, 56×47 cm

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