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PULSAR is an artprize that rewards pieces of art born from the encounter of artists working on traditional mediums, and creators mastering advanced technology. This prize was launched in 2017 by Gilles Babinet, Digital Chamion to the European Commission.

PULSAR generates unprecedented artworks born from the chance of meetings between creators coming from all walks of life. Together they explore, at the crossroads of their vision and their know-how, sens and uses of technology for the upcoming world.

More than a prize, PULSAR is a soundboard of the shockwave caused by the digital revolution on the creation: multitude, open source, multidisciplinarity, contribution, interactivity, peer-to-peer, remix, etc. It interrogates the artpiece at all stages of its life (creation, production, diffusion, sale, etc.) and advocates a vision of technology as a meeting factor and an artistic vector.

After a successful take-off in 2017, PULSAR continues its flight toward a 2nd edition in Paris, between STATION F, the Ateliers TechShop – Leroy Merlin and the Fondation Groupe EDF.

PULSAR for Singulart


Plastic artists, musicians, architects, makers, stylists, designers, comedians, graphic artists, moviemakers, developers, street-artists, sound engineers, image professionals: PULSAR invites all creators to take part into an unprecedented experience of collaboreation in binomial or trinomial teams, with artistic alter egos they don’t know yet.

From MARCH 5th to May 5th 2018, all creators are invited to submit their application on, by presenting their works, and demonstrate their intention to collaborate. It is their willingness to confront their practice to that of an unknown creator who will make the difference in the selection of their profile for the rest of the adventure.

On June 5th, 2018, during a creative speed dating evening at the Foundation Groupe EDF (Paris 7th), the 50 selected creators will have to find their partner. It is from their meeting that an art project will rise.


The teams thus created will have to present on July 5th, in front of a first jury, an innovative artistic project, realizable in the conditions offered by PULSAR and clearly expressing the complementarity of each member of the team at the service of the project. They will try to get their ticket for STATION F and the Ateliers TechShop – Leroy Merlin (Paris 13th).

From October 1st to 4th, 2018, it is in these workshops and at the largest startups campus in the world, STATION F, that the finalist teams will come to prototype their project. At the end of this short cycle creation challenge, on October 4th, the 3 winning projects will receive creation grants of 10.000,00 €, 20.000,00 € and 30.000,00 € to be produced.

The winning works of PULSAR will be presented to the public at the Fondation Groupe EDF in December 2018 during an exhibition that will tell the story of these unique encounters and their protagonists in search of new artistc forms.


Gathered by the multi-entrepreneur Gilles Babinet, president of the PULSAR Association and sponsor of the prize, the PULSAR team brings together young entrepreneurs aiming to take advantage of the strong evolutions in the cultural sector in order to share creation.

“PULSAR is our way of asserting that there is much more to say on the digital than the messianic and often worrying speech told by the digital world as it is represented today. Let’s say it, the best playground to understand technology is artistic creation.” – Marine Ulrich, Cofounder

“To innovate with digital technology is above all to innovate with others. The interest of technology lies in the randomness that it generates and we are convinced that the artistic meeting is the most likely way to reveal it…” – Alix Debussche, Cofounder

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