Meet Grace Aza-Selinger : an Artist connected with nature

Please introduce yourself to us !

I’m 31 years old, living in South West London with my husband. I create abstracted paintings inspired by nature and sell my work to clients all over the world.

Why do you make art ? And what do you want to reach with your art ?

Art has always been central to my life – whether it’s making it, looking at it or studying other artists, I’ve always been drawn to the visual process. It’s a constant journey trying to recreate something in your minds eye and achieve that moment of inspiration you first imagined. For me reaching even one person who responds to and loves my work is amazing and a real honour that comes with being an artist.

1830_60f409e0af731d04e3bb959fbb4087e6Painting by Grace Aza-Selinger, Breath is Life, 2017, Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60 cm

How did you find your style and technique that you are using now ? And do you have and idea on what techniques and styles you want to explore in your future ?

I found this style having taken a trip to Berlin in 2011. In Germany they have a real affinity with the forest and nature related art – it really inspired me in quite a subconscious way. This was combined with being there in Autumn and exploring Grunewald Forest and other beautiful parks and creative spaces. It was a very rich environment and I came back full of sketches and ideas I wanted to convey. It inspired me to create my first solo show in a warehouse in Bermondsey. I filled it with 6 ft high canvases to bring something of the forest to London.
In terms of future styles I am open minded. I do in fact experiment with two different styles – mixing the soft blues of my impressionist nature pieces with stronger more abstract and graphic works that are also inspired by nature but rather the more organic and visceral elements of it. It’s important to mix things up and keep exploring your creative practice.

1830_130ddbc5c57a5b8fadd548185480d442Painting by Grace Aza-Selinger, Water Blooms IV, 2017, Stretched canvas, 25 x 25 cm

Do you have a vision of what your artistic future might look like ?

I would love to create another solo show, perhaps in Berlin or Paris as I’ve yet to exhibit abroad. It would be a challenge but I think an amazing experience. There is something about having an exhibition to work towards that really pushes your artistic practice and it’s also great to meet people and get their reactions to your work.

serie_1977_b76f8f69f83a8bfc75d2bdb9208bc861Painting by Grace Aza-Selinger, Infusion, 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 102 x 76 cm

How is the London artistic scene developing at the moment and which contemporary artists do you admire ?

Throughout my career I’ve had a lot of amazing opportunities and I think living in such a buzzing and creative place as London is part of that. From showing alongside Sir Peter Blake at The Royal Institution of Great Britain to curating an exhibition inspired by nature in Finsbury Park I’ve been part of some amazing events. There’s also so much art to see you can never get bored here. Some names I really admire at the moment are Brad Kunkle, Hush, Paul Bennett and Lauren Mortimer who I recently exhibited with at A&D Gallery in Marylebone. I love figurative work but in my own practice I’ve been drawn to more abstract styles, it may be that in the future this is a style I start to express more !

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