Meet Rue Asher

How did you come to art, or how did art come to you ?

I was always creative as a child and in my late teens I had visions of customizing t-shirts in order to make my fortune. However I needed to improve my drawing skills, so I embarked on some part time art courses, forgot about my original plan and ended up at art college kind of by accident.

1140_070eb6e8d218b11f696a216261d6fda8Painting by Rue Asher, Hatch, 2017, Acrylic, India ink on paper, 70 x 100 cm

Where do you get your inspiration from ?

Music essentially, as I don’t always have an idea of what I’m going to paint when I start. I like to set the mood, start making some marks and go from there. I don’t ever wait for inspiration to come, it’s a luxury I can’t afford. I’ve made some of my best work when painting feels like the last thing I want to be doing. The discipline is just to get on and start. Music helps to coax the muse out!

What have been the highlights of your artistic career ?

Small things give me satisfaction such as selling a painting to someone knowing it’s going to give them pleasure. Although being shortlisted for an arts prize can be nice too!

1140_0ac5a12687fa58306d87a420aeaf2793Painting by Rue Asher, Los caprichos II, 2016, Acrylic on Cardboard, 86 x 112 cm

Which artists do you admire ?

Artists such as Hsiao-Mei Lin, Marlene Dumas, Rose Wylie, Cathie Pilkington and Fiona Rae. I’ve just realised they’re all women! So to balance things out – Rembrandt, Goya, Turner and Matisse. There’s loads I haven’t mentioned.

Do you have a vision of what your artistic future might look like ?

Ensconced in a huge fully stocked studio somewhere in the countryside with great connections to London, whilst enjoying the continued patronage of a rich art addicted collector. That would be nice.

1140_e671770b4d92e0da657b82b3aaf54ee2Painting by Rue Asher, Haruspex, 2017, Acrylic, Gouache, India ink on paper, 75 x 70 cm

What do you enjoy most about your work ?

Art can be a cruel mistress and sometimes the struggle of producing good quality work is a painful process, but it never bores. You’re always learning, always challenged.

1140_9af7d0be0e78672ff7dc8b927a03800aPainting by Rue Asher, Ecocloud, 2017, Acrylic, India ink on paper, 100 x 70 cm

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