Interview with Stephen Whatcott

Please introduce yourself to us!

I’m an abstract painter working in Worcestershire, UK. I consider my work to be rooted in abstract expressionism but often with minimalist tendencies. Every piece I create aims to make an emotional connection or have a certain amount of power to it.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I think your whole life feeds into your work. We all draw from our past experiences when making decisions, be they large or small, and so inspiration may come from fleeting moments throughout the day or from other art or culture. More often than not for me it’s music. Typically punk rock.

Hiraku, 2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 50 x 50 cm

What is your art about?

It’s all about the connection and invoking an emotional response. I’m always comparing my work to the music I listen to: does it have that same power or feeling; does it have that same level of intensity to it? It’s art made by a human being trying to connect with you, or at least make you feel something. The feeling or emotion you get doesn’t have to be the same as mine. Your own personality and experiences will dictate that.

Nisha, 2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 100 x 100 cm

Do you change your techniques from time to time?

My whole style developed from constantly looking at all the great works from art history and learning as much as possible from them. I feel like I paint honestly and intuitively and because of that have narrowed down my technique to the way I currently work. I’ve put these various rules in place and follow them slavishly. But maybe one day I’ll need to break my own rules.

Toren, 2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 100 x 100 cm

What have been the highlights of your artistic career?

It’s growing all the time. From winning the painting category of the Secret Art Prize 2015, being nominated for the Rise Art Prize in 2017 and then having my first solo show at Curious Duke Gallery in London earlier this year. I’m just so grateful to be doing what I’m doing and having others connect with it.

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