Interview with Yuliya Zelinskaya

How did you come to art, or how did art come to you?

One day when I was a child, I was playing with different paints on some art paper. I moved my fingers all around and found that I loved how the colors blended. Ever since, I’ve been fascinated by colors on canvas.

I chose to go to art school as a child, and then to university later on, as well as getting a law degree. Between art and law, I chose the former as my true passion. It was exhilarating to be able to create ideas and then put them on a canvas – with all those colors I saw as a child!

I’ve come a long way in my development as an artist, from childhood to adolescence to adulthood and beyond. Art is my true destiny, and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to show the world the gift that was given to me when I was young.

What is your art about?

In my paintings, I use images in ways similar to theater – I try to make the picture prompt feelings, emotions, experiences, tension and so on in the viewer. My paintings on canvas act as a magnifying glass, one that emphasizes the problems of modern society and the complexities of relationships between people and their living environment. In this way, my personal artistic expression is akin to theater, and all the music and drama within it.

Destined for Art, 2018, Oil on Canvas, 80×100 cm

What characterizes your style and why do you call it “Theatrical Realism” ?

For me, theater is a world between Fantasy and Reality. In theater, performed actions encourage the audience’s imagination to wake up, feel things, and essentially turn the fantasy they are interpreting into their own reality. Their reactive feelings become real; therefore it becomes ….”Theatrical Realism” !

Time travel, 2018, Oil on Canvas, 80×100 cm

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I try to let myself feel inspired by anything – simply overhearing a conversation between my father and brother, for example – and just allow thoughts to fall into my head. The next thing I know, they’re up on my canvas!

Sometimes, I start completely blank with the canvas. Things will then come to me on the spot, and then change as I’m painting.

And then I have days where I see a clear picture deep in my mind. It appears so vivid, I know I have to put it on canvas. Those days are beautiful.

Do you have a vision of what your artistic future might look like?

At the moment I live in Russia, which, as many people know, has a cold climate for most of the year. I’m still not used to the cold, so my main dream is to live somewhere in a warm climate next to the serene shores of the ocean, where the sun always shines on me. And, of course, where I’ll be able to create and showcase my works of art.

Let’s see where the river takes me…

THE VOYAGE, 2017, Oil on Canvas, 80×100 cm

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