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The Best YouTube Art Channels to Follow Right Now

In this article, Singulart reviews some of the best YouTube art channels for artists and connoisseur of all levels. From tutorials to the basics of art history, these channels are here to help you become an expert in art.

Baumgartner Restoration

I truly cannot image a better name for an art restoration studio. I can practically smell the scotch breadth of Old Man Wilkens as he calls out “Baumgartner, speak of the devil!” across the smoking room of the Victorian Gentlemen’s Club upon seeing his cummerbund-wearing friend enter through the double oak doors. It is the perfect name for a family-owned, Chigaco-based restoration business, specializing in preserving classic art. Listening to their seemingly limitless understanding of the chemistry of “archival glue” as they walk you through the step by step process of returning a two-hundred year old oil painting to its former glory is the best ASMR experience I know. I can’t recommend it enough.

Bob Ross

Trees, birds, happy clouds, nostalgia, beards. That’s right, it’s Bob Ross in his full aviator-bespectacled glory. The official Bob Ross YouTube channel has stocked season upon season of his classic show, as well as an hour long documentary on his life and career and what he’s up to in 2019 and beyond. Either paint along or just zone out to the sweet, dulcet sounds of Boss telling painting an English garden and telling you everything is going to be alright.


The Tate Gallery of Modern Art in London has fully embraced the digital age. Their stellar YouTube channel is replete with great educational content on all things contemporary art. They have artist interviews with famous faces like Yayoi Kusama, a huge list of tutorials, and short documentaries on art history. It’s a great resource for newcomers to the field of fine art.


Smarthistory is like if an Art History 101 class was represented as a YouTube channel. The channel is broken up into art history periods, explanations of common terminology, and close looks at famous artworks. They also have one-off videos that explore topics like English cathedrals and conservation. Smarthistory calls itself “the most-visited art history resource in the world” though I have yet to substantiate this statement.

Art Basel

Since its debut in 1970, Art Basel has becoming the leading art fair. It’s reputation of prestige carries over to the Art Basel YouTube channel. Art Basel is one of the Best YouTube Art Channels to discover the most exciting up and coming artists of the moment. Their highly-stylized interviews take you deep into the artistic process including their techniques and inspiration.

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