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5 Contemporary Swedish Artists on Singulart

With the Affordable Art Fair coming up in Stockholm, Singulart presents you with five contemporary Swedish artists creating vibrant, complex, and one of a kind pieces. Each of these artworks represents a world in and of itself, enticing the viewer in with its own story and universe. From figurative painting to sculpture, get swept up in the Swedish fever as you discover the works of these talented artists.

1.) Simon Dahlgren Strååt

Simon Dahlgren Strååt is a figurative painter living and working in Stockholm. His narrative paintings provide a somber and surreal window into the mind of the artist, as cinematic scenes are brought to life on canvas. He incorporates images from fiction, history and the everyday to define his unmistakable and eccentric style.

2.) Annika Borgenhag Holmqvist

Annika Borgenhag Holmqvist is a painter from Eskilstuna, Sweden, whose colorful figurative works are the product of a fruitful imagination and great technical skill. Working with acrylic paint in large formats, Borgenhag Holmqvist is a passive spectator depicting events from a distance, with the honesty of a child but the awareness of an adult.

3.) Johan P. Jonsson

Johan P. Jonsson is an experienced Swedish sculptor whose work explores the postures and poses of humans and figures. He displays influences from Outsider Art and uses repurposed materials in his work, including metal, wood, tar, leather, wire, plastic and silicone.

4.) Martin Johan Härd

Martin Johan Härd paints to capture the ephemeral and often indescribable sensations of emotion, lived experience, and memory.  Painting in mostly oil and acrylic, his expressive and vibrant works explore notions of human relationships in regards to others and their environments. His bold and saturated figures bring their own stories to the canvas, transforming each piece into a unique world of its own.

5.) Benedetta Crippa

Benedetta Crippa is a talented young Swedish artist whose practice draws from traditions of ornamentation, Scandinavian folk culture and vernacular art. She explores new and contemporary meanings for ornamental art in her vibrant and joyful paintings, often using personal text as the subject from which her images emerge.

To keep the Swedish fever going, check out the artists we are featuring at the Stockholm Affordable Art Fair!

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