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A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Abstract Art

Credit: witanddelight

The world of abstract art is expansive, and finding a work you love can be challenging when there is a sea of aesthetic possibilities and logistical questions. You don’t need to be an expert if you are considering buying abstract art. You just need to have an open mind and especially, an open heart. When most people invest in abstract art, it is because they have fallen in love with the mood it encapsulates and the stories it invokes.

So why buy abstract art? When you find a work you love, you will know; you want this piece of beauty to bring new life into your home, to see it every day to sooth and inspire your spirit. Singulart presents you with tips on buying abstract art, from narrowing down your aesthetic tastes, to enjoying your new investment.

Step 1: Go See Abstract Art Firsthand

The first step in buying any artwork is to do your research. Before figuring out where you can buy, you need to figure out what you want to buy. The easiest thing to do may be typing “abstract art for sale” into Google, but this will lead you scrolling through an endless vortex of images. The best thing to do is get out from behind the screen and go to a museum or gallery in your own city or town. Chances are you can find exhibitions of abstract art nearby, or make a weekend trip to your nearest metropolis to see works firsthand.

Step 2: Narrow Down Your Taste

Two paintings by Mark Rothko © 2016 Rex Features
Two paintings by Mark Rothko © 2016 Rex Features

Once you’ve brought yourself directly to the artworks, it’s time to let the artworks come to you. In a room full of abstract art, which canvases catch your eye? What colors and shapes are the most enticing? The beauty of abstract art is that the interpretation is left in the hands of the spectator; a panel of orange and yellow by Rothko may evoke the beauty of a sunset for one person, and the memory of a childhood campfire for another. Let your mind wander, the canvases evoking memories and emotional responses.

Step 3: Identify Elements of Your Style

Once you have narrowed down which works you are drawn to, you can now define elements of your personal style. Ask yourself questions such as: is this artwork busy or minimalist? Is the composition geometrically organized or expressively chaotic? What colors are most prominent? What material is used? How important is texture to the piece, or in other words, does the surface appear smooth or built up? This criteria will run parallel to the guidelines for step 4: deciding on where the work will go.

Step 4: Decide on Where The Work Will Go

A major step in investing in art is deciding where the work will live once it’s a part of your collection. Art is meant to be enjoyed, and the placement of the piece can highlight its importance depending on the surroundings. It is important to take into consideration the color palette of the room you want to exhibit your art in, from the color of the walls themselves, to the material of the furniture and shade of the dining room table cloth.

The first question you have to ask yourself is: do I want my abstract artwork to blend in and complement the color scheme of the room, or be a contrasting stand out piece? If you choose the first option, pick an artwork that contains colors already present in the room. For the latter, choosing a vibrant pink canvas to hang in a room of neutral grays and whites will certainly make the artwork the focal point. Size is another deciding factor, and your blank wall will determine how much space the piece can take up. Another advantage of abstract art is that it can adapt to different rooms and moods, from the dining room to the bedroom.

Step 5: Define your Budget

Once you know what you want and where you are going to put it, the last step before finding a work you love is defining your budget. Like anything of value, art is an investment that reflects the quality of materials used and the status of the artist on the market. If you’re looking to add a great quality painting to your home, allow for an approximate budget of 2500€-5000€ (about $3000-$6000 USD). For this price, you can expect to get an amazing piece of art made by a talented and established artist.  Of course, you can invest in works worth more than this, or find high quality works for less through Affordable Art Fairs and smaller local galleries.

Affordable Art Fair Milan 2018
Affordable Art Fair Milan 2018

Step 6: Where to Buy

Now that you have refined your taste and how much you are willing to spend, you are ready to shop. But where to buy? In the art world, there is the primary market, when work is sold directly from the artist’s studio or for the first time through a gallery, and the secondary market, when artworks are resold through a dealer or auction house. Unless you are trying to spend big bucks on a famous Pollock or Warhol, the primary market is where you’ll be looking.

Singulart, Europe’s leading online art glalery

If you live in a major metropolis like New York City, you have access to abstract art galleries at your fingertips. Being in the physical presence of a piece makes it easier to imagine it in your home. However, what the traditional gallery lacks is diversity. In the 21st century, the rise of the online art gallery has taken the market by storm and offered art collectors with access to the work of international contemporary artists. Whereas your local gallery may only highlight local talents, the online gallery really has the power to connect you with high quality pieces from all over the world.

Step 7: Logistics Made Easy

The Singulart Team in their Paris office
The Singulart Team in their Paris office

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the traditional gallery and decide to search online for abstract works, look no further than Singulart, Europe’s leading online platform for contemporary art. You may think, but if I purchase online, won’t shipping costs and logistics be a nightmare? The answer is no! At Singulart, we’re proud to offer free shipping worldwide to our clients and comprehensive customer service to ensure the artwork gets safely from the artist’s studio to the client’s home. You can even request personalized framing options for your piece. In a few clicks, you can invest in original abstract works from reputable artists oceans away.

Step 8: Enjoying Your New Investment

Your new artwork has arrived. Congratulations on your investment! Your home has been transformed, the work has been hung on the wall and breathed new life into the space. Enjoy your original abstract artwork in contemplation or among friends and family, letting it inspire you to create, sharing stories of moments and emotions it evokes. How special it is to possess a piece of beauty, to wake up and see something you love everyday. That was easy!

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