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How to choose the perfect frame

As much as we may like it to, a work of art doesn’t always stop at the paint. Choosing the right frame for your painting, photograph or drawing ensures that your favorite piece will be presented in the best light possible. We’re here to give you the run down on how to find your perfect frame, as well as to introduce you to something that’s bound to make it a whole lot easier – Singulart’s new framing feature!

The easiest way to navigate the framing process is to address three important questions:

1. What’s the purpose of the frame?

Is your driving purpose protection or decoration? If protection is your priority, focus more on the materials and practicality. If your artwork doesn’t need a frame but you’re after some aesthetic flair, your field is more open to experimenting with a range of different styles. The point here is that before you toss and turn over your options, it’s best to first decide what your options actually are.

Protective glass over this photograph was the priority; it therefore required a simple wooden frame to balance the shine.

2. Where’s your painting going?

Take inspiration from your existing interior spaces to choose a frame that’s going to fit in seamlessly with everything else—or, if you’d prefer—something to stand out against the rest. A swirling, ornate gold frame might not fit best in a minimalist space, but a sleek splash of color in keeping with a simple structure could spice it up.

If you’re moving into a new home, you can use your art purchase—and its frame—as a chance to set the tone for the rest of the space. A thick, dark brown wooden frame could define the furniture to come, or a strong color could turn into a room-wide theme. What color are the walls? What kind of light does the room get? What style is your couch, your table, your other frames? Thinking big here will lead to much less stress when deciding on the smaller details.

Here, the color of the wall matches the colors in the pictures. Thin golden frames create separation between the two, without ruining the atmosphere (as harsh black tones or dull whites would have.)

3. What kind of artwork?

Now that we’ve paid close attention to the space in which your artwork will appear, let’s hone in on the work itself. Is there a salient feature in the image you could highlight with the frame: a flower or color? Take a look at the image below. Here, a black frame brings out those dark specks in an otherwise pastel piece, rendering it more polished for a crisp interior:

Choosing your frame on Singulart

Matching a frame to your favorite piece on Singulart just got a whole lot easier. Once you’re set on the work of art you’d like to purchase, explore our framing feature to ensure it will arrive at your home as the perfect finished product!

Our new ‘Choose a frame’ feature is accessible on the bottom right of each artwork page.
Go through each option to see a mock-up of how it will look!

Happy framing!

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