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Rising Stars: 5 Artists to Invest In

For art lovers and collectors navigating the art market, Singulart presents five of our artists to invest in now. These rising stars have already proven their success through international exhibitions, brand partnerships, and art fair exposure. The media has noticed their stand out styles, and we support them in pushing their careers even further by exposing their work to our international base of collectors. From painting to sculpture, these artists are relevant players on the current art scene with bright futures ahead of them. Discover their wonderful worlds and work!

Tahir Carl Karmali

“It is important for me to relate narrative to the concept, concept to material, and material to process. My practice developed from an interest in contemporary identities shaped by an economic, geopolitical, and social system.

Tahir Carl Karmali has already seen great success for his unique and strong work! A visual artist born in Nairobi, Kenya, and now based in Brooklyn, New York, Karmali was identified among the 30 under 30 by Forbes in 2017 and has since held major exhibitions in the past 2 years. His photographs have been exhibited in international art fairs from Germany to the USA and even at the famous Colombian Biennial. Karmali’s photographs are timeless and we highly recommend having a look at this amazing work!

Ania Hobson

The young talent Ania Hobson already won one of the most important prizes in Europe for Portraiture, the British Portrait Award. Inspired by the work of artists like Alice Neel and Kerry James Marshall, her paintings have gotten exposure at places like the European Center of Art with the Venice Biennial and even been commissioned by a famous hotel in Washington. A bright and promising future awaits for this young and talented artist!

Le Diamantaire

Le Diamantaire is a French sculptor and pioneer of the international urban art scene! Since 2011, he has been developing a street art project on the theme of diamonds, collecting abandoned mirrors and reinventing them as public works of art on walls. He has since created about 1800 of these works all over the world. We truly believe that his work will play a major role in the urban street scene of the future! He crossed borders last year with a show in the United States and we are sure that this is just the beginning.

Seunghwui Koo

Seunghwui Koo is an impressive painter and sculptor from Korea, now settled in New York City. The artist carves minuscule wooden figurines before painting and arranging them into incredibly detailed, captivating pieces that make expert use of dimension and scale. She invents her own fantastical worlds through her practice, and sends messages of optimism into society. Her amazing piggies have already been exhibited in major art markets: Los Angeles, New York, and Miami! Young and inventive, we truly believe she will find her place among the important figures of the contemporary art scene.

Laura Gulshani

« I adore fashion design, and placing avant-garde, high fashion styles in simple, real-world settings. »

Laura Gulshani is young Canadian painter whose work has been featured in prominent publications, exhibitions and collaborative projects around the world! A fashion painter, she combines fine art inspirations with modern design trends to achieve an artistic signature that appears at once fresh and timeless. The exciting Canadian talent has done prestigious collaborations and has already been featured in international art fairs and museum exhibitions in Spain. With technical expertise and contemporary flair, we truly believe in her brilliant future and suggest our collectors keep an eye out for her work!

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