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The Gift of Art

The holiday season is upon us, and we’re all looking for the perfect gift for our nearest and dearest. Art is a great way to achieve this: it’s personal, thoughtful and will last for years to come. A painting can capture a memory, a personality, a feeling… here’s how to give the gift of art to that special someone.

Made-to-fit motifs

We’ve got good news: if you’re purchasing a work of art for someone you’re close to, you probably know them pretty well: their favorite color, style, what their home looks like. You can gain a lot of insight into a person’s tastes by reflecting on how they dress, how they decorate their homes, and the media they choose to consume. A great way to begin a search for friends and family, then, is to choose a motif or theme you’ll know they enjoy. Here are a few ideas:


Has your husband or wife, child or friend from college long dreamt of travelling to a particular destination? Do they have a favorite place in the world that is different from the one they live in? On Singulart, we’re lucky to have artists from all over the world, who often paint from a sense of place to capture dynamic destinations with passion and skill. Is a trip to New York on the cards? Or a dive into a tropical rainforest? Use place to take your loved one back to favorite locations, or introduce them to new ones…


Does the person you have in mind have a particular passion? Perhaps you know someone who dreams of gracefully twirling around a stage, or creating inspiring architectural projects, or flying above the clouds. Allow your special someone to keep their passions close to them by gifting a work of art that celebrates it.


Sometimes using art to provide some ‘zen’ is the best gift a person could ask for. Embrace nature in your search for the perfect piece, and think of where your loved one would feel most at ease: by the sea? Picking berries in a forest? Feeling on top of the world hiking up a mountain? Let your favorite people lose themselves in vast landscapes and serene scenes.

Focus your field

Now that you’ve thought about potential themes, we can narrow in on more specific restrictions that will focus your field more practically. Would your significant other prefer a photograph or painting? A small or large artwork? A sculpture, perhaps? Do they prefer abstract art or figurative works? Every precision you can make in terms of material and technical details will significantly help you to eliminate pieces that simply won’t work for your person.

On Singulart, take advantage of our size, price, style and color filters, and don’t forget to check the preview images of every artwork to envision it in your home – or your chosen gift recipient’s!

Don’t forget…

As daunting as the thought of sifting through thousands of artworks may be, don’t forget – you know your chosen person more than most, and you’ve got all you need to be able to give them the gift of art. If you need extra help, contact us at sales@singulart.com for some expert advice.

To get started, delve into our curated Holiday Collection, or browse some interest-themed figurative paintings below:

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