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Inside the 2019 Singulart Artist Party

Last month, Singulart invited its Paris-based artists to the office for a night of celebration, discussion and mingling. Though we would have loved to have been able to host all our artists, we were excited to welcome the locals into our little world. Here are our takeaways:

Co-founder Véra Kempf making the rounds.

Artists IRL

Our whole team was thrilled to get to meet our artists face-to-face. Typically, our communication with artists is restricted to emails and phone calls, so finally getting to see the faces behind the email addresses we type in and the people behind the paintings we sell was a joy. We look forward to a future where we can gather with our artists in other countries, too!

What do you think they’re talking about?

Friendly Feedback

One main aim of our gathering was to gain valuable feedback from our artists – suggestions of what to work on, inspiration for projects in 2020 and insight into what the artist experience is really like. Some common requests and comments included an interest in setting up an online chat between artists, improvements for uploading new works and tracking collector interest, a mobile version of our artists’ back office and launching the site in even more languages (Portuguese, anyone?)

In addition, our Artist Liaisons held a Q&A session to directly respond to more immediate concerns and general inquiries.

We also stuck some encouraging feedback from our collectors onto the walls, in order to congratulate our artists on the effect their art has on people, and to motivate them to keep going:

One of our artists reflects on some glowing feedback.

Live from Singulart

One highlight from our soirée was Caroline Burdinat‘s live painting session! As Singulart staff mingled with Singulart artists, as drinks were poured and food served, the French painter turned a blank canvas into a work of art right before our eyes. Burdinat created a warm-toned, speckled abstract composition that impressed her peers and energized the art aficionados among the team. It was important to have this presence on the night, as at the end of the day, it’s what Singulart is all about: putting our artists front and center!

A much better party idea than ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’!

Looking Ahead

The only interruption to our music and chatting was a round of speeches by Singulart’s principal cast: our Co-founders Brice and Véra, and our Chief Technology Officer and Associate Guillaume. They spoke to the company’s history-how far we’ve come and how fast we’ve grown-but also expressed excitement for the bright future that lies ahead. Looking out at a room of the artists they collaborate with, there was a firm sense of motivation to empower every set of eyes staring back, as well as those who we couldn’t quite fit into our Parisian office this time around.

Gyoza is Always a Good Idea

A less serious (but no less valuable!) takeaway from the night was in the finer culinary details. Our menu was somewhat limited, consisting mostly of wine and Gyoza, but it turns out that’s all a good party needs! In fact, to revisit our ‘feedback’ topic, our fried gyoza got five-star reviews across the board. Further evidence that food and art should remain close friends! The choice of cuisine was in order to celebrate our website launching in Japanese – have you checked it out?

Dinner is served!

Overall, we were elated to reinforce the sense of community that binds every aspect of Singulart together, and are thankful to all those who attended this November. Stay tuned for those new projects, and be sure to mark your 2020 calendars with a little ‘S’ around the month of November 😉

Annika, Hong and Alina from the Singulart team!
Say ‘Cheese’!

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