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5 must-see exhibitions to come in 2020

Keen to keep your finger on the art market pulse this year? Here are 5 top shows to mark in your calendars:

1. Artemisia

Artemisia Gentileschi achieved something that was sadly rare for women of her time: a successful, long career as a professional painter. The Italian baroque painter depicted women of myth, power, struggle and religion, and today she’s considered one of the most expressive artists of not just the 17th century, but of all time. The National Gallery’s upcoming exhibition in London will run from 4th April – 26th July, and will provide an overview of the painter’s career.

‘Judith and her Maidservant’ (1613–14) by Artemisia

2. Marina Abramović: After Life

Our fascination with Marina Abramović has already been well-documented, and we’re not alone in our curiosity. This year, the famous performance artist will showcase her first ever major exhibition in the UK, at London’s Royal Academy of Arts. The exhibition will cover her life’s work – Marina is now in her 70s, and has a lot to look back on. Mark your calendars for the 26th September — 8th December 2020.

‘The Artist is Present’ by Marina Abramović, MoMA 2010.

3. Body and Soul: Sculpture in Italy from Donatello to Michelangelo

Fresh off the back of the Louvre’s monumental Leonardo da Vinci exhibition will be an equally fascinating look at some of the most prolific and powerful sculptors of all time. Designed in collaboration with the Castello Sforzesco Museum in Milan, the exhibition will explore prominent ideas of 16th-century Renaissance sculpture- namely its focus on the human figure, emotions and expressions. The Paris event will run from 6th May to 17th August.


4. Edward Hopper

If you travel to Switzerland this year, you can enjoy Fondation Beyeler’s exhibition on Edward Hopper. The great American icon is renowned for his representations of 20th-century American landscapes, cityscapes and the people and atmospheres that moved within them, and these qualities will be front in center in the Basel-based show. The exhibition will also include a screening of a short film by Wim Wenders, which will be shown in 3D. This exhibition is fast approaching, set to run from 26th January to 17th May – don’t miss it!

‘House by the Railroad’ (1925) by Edward Hopper

5. Yayoi Kusama

Germany’s first major retrospective of the work of Yayoi Kusama will take place at Gropius Bau (Berlin) from the 4th September 2020 to 17th January 2021. An exclusive ‘Infinity Mirrored Room’ and new installation by the artist will be set up, and an array of works from her decades-long career will be on display. The characteristic dots and bold colors of the distinguished Japanese artist are sure to light Berlin up this fall and winter.

Yayoi Kusama

Any other exhibitions we’ve missed? Let us know what you’re planning on attending in 2020!

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