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5 Emerging Brazilian Artists to Watch

In the current spirit of Carnival, Singulart highlights five emerging Brazilian artists to watch in 2020. The Carnival in Rio de Janerio is the biggest in the world, lasting for five days and seeing over two million people hit the streets to celebrate every day. This is a joyous occasion full of elaborate parades, dancing, and festivities. In honor of the holiday, we want to showcase the work of five Singulart artists who call Brazil home. From powerful portraiture to cutting-edge abstract compositions, discover the artistic universes of these up-and-coming Brazilian painters.

Milenna Saraiva

Painting is my quiet way of expressing my heritage and questioning social values. My work has become a tool for me to narrate my life experiences in parables. The paintings I make reflect my personal mythology.

Milenna Saraiva is a young talent who has exhibited her work in both solo and group shows across Brazil, the US, Canada, and the UK. She recently participated in an artist residency in Arles, France, where she continued to develop her distinct portraiture work. For her, portraiture is not necessarily about capturing the external likeness of a subject, but rather about creating a portal to an inner journey of self-exploration. She composes brooding, evocative depictions of human faces and figures, each exploring themes of identity through quick brushstrokes, rich color palettes and intricate details. Her most recent series “Empaths” highlights portraits of activists and those who use their voices to spark change.

Ramon Martins

I capture a collage of possibilities and reconfigurations, a kaleidoscopic universe that reflects a deep and rich essence rebelliously created by its repertoire of urban culture associated with academic reflections.

Ramon Martins is a prizewinning painter and draftsman who has exhibited his work nationally. He blends an eclectic mix of visual styles in both his paintings and mural work, including urban culture, Asian tradition, solitude and pop culture. His work is characterized by a geographical poetry that spans a wide range of places, times, cultures and values. Each of his paintings vibrate with color, providing the opportunity for introspection with their dreamlike qualities.

David Magila

David Magila is a prizewinning painter and sculptor whose works have been shown in exhibitions throughout his home country, Slovenia, and Austria. His work emphasizes geometries in an architectural landscape, using semi-abstraction to explore ordinary objects and places in unfamiliar ways. Working in acrylic and spray paint on canvas, Magila creates his unique artistic universe through soft color palettes of pinks and blues. His compositions often play with optics and offer a nuanced vision of reality.

Frequent False Conclusions 26

Karyna Iglesias

Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to feel the world around you.

Karyna Iglesias is a young talent whose paintings have been featured in group exhibitions in Portugal. Ever since she was a kid, she has been drawing portraits of everyone around her, and today she defines her style in realist portraiture in oil and acrylic on canvas. Her work explores the fragility of the human body and relationships and evokes powerful feelings that give the viewer a window into the mind of her subjects.

Screen Light I

Gustavo Francesconi

In my artwork, I move shapes, lines and volumes in a succession of pictorial chains in search of new meanings.

Gustavo Francesconi is an emerging artist whose works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout his home country. His work centers around abstract geometries where he often mixes materials and techniques on canvas, glass, paper and other media. Francesconi is deeply inspired by his complimentary poetry practice and research in the area of musical production. His sculptures and paintings employ bright color palettes, striking lines, unexpected textures, and intriguing shapes to create a dynamic signature style.

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