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Meet the Singulart Family: Véra Kempf

vera kempf

As an online platform and gallery, Singulart is known for its services and sometimes the team itselfthe many people who make all of it possible fade into the background. In our new series, Meet the Singulart Family, we want to change this. As a French start-up that made diversity and internationality two of its core values, we from Singulart have many interesting stories to tell. Embark with us on a journey of life stories that brought so many people to the heart of Paris. Our first edition introduces Véra.

Véra Kempf – Co-founder

Véra Kempf  - Co-founder Singulart

About Véra

Our first profile tells the story of one of our co-founders, Véra Kempf. Without her, none of this would have been possible. In 2016, the idea of Singulart was born, but even before that Véra was already laying the foundation for a life as an entrepreneur. 

Raised in South-East France, Véra had a strong love of art, especially photography. She studied Politics at the University SciencesPo in Paris. Her talent and passion for entrepreneurship started to grow and in May 2015 she joined the Startup Weekend community. Elsewhere, she was a community member of the Ignition Program, the first graduate program for entrepreneurs in France. 

Founders of Singulart: Brice Lecompte, Véra Kempf, Denis Fayolle
The founders of Singulart (from left to right): Brice Lecompte, Véra Kempf, Denis Fayolle

Journey to Singulart

The story of Singulart began when Véra met Denis Fayolle at the Startup Weekend she was organizing, where he was a juror. Not wanting to invest in her current project, Dennis told her that as soon as she wanted to venture onto a new project, she should contact him for he would like to work with her. After eight months, she did. 

What followed was long talks and brainstorming sessions on which industry they would like to enter, for they did not just want to build something small — an industry leader was the aim from the beginning. They decided on the art market. Influened by her father who teaches American History through art and photography, Véra grew up being surrounded by art, thus making her passionate about the subject and its industry. 

The next step was to find a partner who brought a background in marketing and would help setting up the company. They published an offer, spoke to headhunters and after 44 interviews, Brice Lecompte joined the small team. Having similar values and spirit, Véra and him clicked from the beginning.

Véra Kempf with Artwork

We asked Véra three questions about her, Singulart, and its future:

Why do you love art?

Art shows life in its details, beauty and aesthetics. Photography especially has a unique way of showcasing beauty where we might not have expected it. It mirrors emotions and transcends us simply by highlighting reality.

Have your initial expectations or ambitions about Singulart come to fruition?

They have! At least — or especially — in terms of the international aspect of the business. When I was doing my market research before founding the company, I observed that the art market was still organized in national spheres. We are now incredibly happy that changing this has turned out to be the main value that we bring to our artists. 91% of our sales are cross-border.

What excites you most about the future of Singulart? 

The current trend gives us new opportunities to become the biggest international platform for art. We are growing rapidly and the thought of the immense talent and diversity the team brings not only makes me super excited, but both clients and artists have expressed their expectations were exceeded.

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