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Meet the Singulart Family – Juliane Wilhelm

Juliane Wilhelm

As an online platform and gallery, Singulart is known for its services. However, sometimes the team itself – the many people who make it all possible – fades into the background. In our new series Meet the Singulart Family, we want to change this. As a French start-up company that counts diversity and inclusion among its core values, we at Singulart have many interesting stories to tell. Join us on a journey and discover life stories that have brought so many people to the heart of Paris. In this installment, we are pleased to introduce the manager of the Logistics and Art Advisory teams, Juliane Wilhelm.

Her home town of Heidelberg in Germany – a small town where everyone knows everyone – perhaps explains the gregarious nature of Juliane Wilhelm. She has been with us for six months and as a young mother who is fluent in three languages, Singulart sees her not only as a talented leader, but also as a role model.

About Juliane

Juliane discovered her passion for selling at the age of six when she sold her toys to her friends at the flea market of a local festival. This interest led her to the online sale of vintage accessories and it is here that Juliane draws the first parallel with Singulart: the appreciation of unique pieces. Moreover, with it being an online platform, it was also a similar business model to Singulart.

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Economics at Hohenheim and a master’s degree in Marketing Analysis at Laval University in Canada, Juliane took a position in Germany at Amazon. Eight months later, the opportunity arose to move to France as Key Account Manager, and she duly obliged. Four years later, she is still in Paris and the Singulart team is all the better for it.

Juliane Wilhelm

Juliane’s journey to Singulart

Juliane’s path to Singulart began through an Ignition program and her desire to work in a start-up, but she didn’t know which one. The Ignition program helped her as it brought young companies together alongside industry professionals.

What convinced her to join Singulart was not so much the art market – since that wasn’t something she was specifically looking for – but rather, both the management personalities and their corporate style. This, coupled with the attractiveness of an international company that sells unique pieces worldwide, meant she couldn’t wait to get on board.

The timing of the change to Singulart was determined by her private life. Juliane started with us following her maternity leave due to the birth of her first child, a daughter.

“It was both astonishing and gratifying to me that Singulart agreed to wait for me. This shows the management style of the company: they prefer to wait for the right person at a later date rather than hiring someone right away”.

Juliane Wilhelm in einem Singulart-Meeting
Juliane in a Singulart meeting.

Three Questions to Juliane Wilhelm

Why art?

Original artworks are sold in a completely different way than something like refrigerators. What appeals to me about this topic is the challenge of providing perfect customer service every day and being able to share the fascination of owning something unique with people.

What do you like about Singulart?

If I had to reduce myself to one aspect, it would be cooperation. I have this insatiable desire to work with people and I need that in my team as well. Cooperation creates appreciation, teaches us something new every day, and is reflected in our dealings with Singulart’s customers.

Where do you see Singulart and its customers in the future?

In the future I see us establishing ourselves as an internationally renowned online gallery. As people begin to recognize Singulart, we will attract more people who share our passion for art.

Ideally, I see us surprising people by how well we meet their taste when we propose artworks to them, as taste is something very individual and intangible. I strongly believe in technology as it’s what distinguishes us from classic galleries. We can use it to generate individual proposals for each client from thousands of artworks.

A small selection of artworks that caught Juliane’s eye: