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Singulart’s Art Collectors – Angelique Aubert

Angelique Aubert

Singulart is proud to present its art collectors, who give works of art a new home – supporting artists and the art market in the process – and reinforce our mission. This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Angelique Aubert about her passion for art and her personal collection.

Angelique Aubert has built a career as a specialist in the world of art and business. Today she works at the Paris-based recruitment firm m-O Conseil, specializing in creative management. Getting her start as communications director of N@rt, the French company to pioneer online art auctions, she then joined the team at Société Géneérale, where she created the artistic patronage department and built up the company’s contemporary art collection for ten years. She went on to similar ventures at Laurent Dumas, where she managed their private collection as well as building their patronage program and artistic projects department. It is evident that she has immersed herself in art, both privately and in her career.

Would you tell us about your very first artwork you owned?

I started collecting art about 20 years ago. My first ever artwork was a photograph by the French artist Philippe Ramette. I discovered his work while I was in charge of creating the art collection of La Société Générale.

The photographer is shown horizontally walking up a tree. This play with perception and reality immediately attracted me. Talking to the gallery I discovered that the photograph was neither photoshopped nor digitally modified, which impressed me. Both my eyes and my brain fell in love with this picture.

I purchase art I admire visually and emotionally, but also art where I am fascinated by the artistic process. Only if these three things are attractive to me will I buy the artwork.

What is the style of your collection?

There is no specific style or theme to my collection – I have paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs. I do own a lot of French artists, but that is due to my former position as the founder of the Emergie Award for young artists, more so than a conscious choice.

I like to support emerging artists and see their careers taking off years later. I do not collect conceptual art because I need to be visually intrigued by the painting. I need to love a piece as soon as I see it and feel something. I need to feel that special vibration that comes over you. This is important for me in order to purchase a work, however, being well informed about the artist is just as relevant to me.

I like to be well informed about the artist I am going to purchase an artwork from. I read a lot about them – mostly in specialized art papers or magazines – talk to gallerists, and if I can, I meet the artist themselves.

Angelique Aubert

How is the Angelique Aubert Collection displayed?

I never know where I will display a piece when I purchase it. I buy the piece because I need it and want to see it everyday, or because I want to support the artist – but never because I need to decorate one specific wall. For example, I have some drawings I purchased months ago that are not even hung up yet as I have no more empty space on my walls!

What advice would you give to new collectors?

Take your time! Define what kind of art attracts you the most (figurative, abstract, etc.) and try to understand why. Then see as much art as you can, going to art fairs and museums to educate your eye. I always recommend reading a lot and asking questions to gallerists or art advisors. Finally, don’t be afraid of young artists – trust your eye and your taste.

If you had all the money in the world, which artist would you like to add to your collection?

Amedeo Modigliani - Jeanne Hebuterne

So many artists! If I had to choose, the one I would love the most would be one of Amedeo Modigliani‘s portraits – like the one of Jeanne Hebuterne, shown here. But I would also love to have a Mark Rothko or Nicolas de Staël piece!

Which artist have you discovered lately?

I recently fell in love with the paintings of the young Lucie Picandet, whom I discovered through the Emerige Revelation.

Les 50 anges et l’IC by Lucie Picandet

Here are a few artworks inspired by Angelique Aubert collection and selection of artworks.