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Meet the Singulart Family – Julie Carrière

Julie Carrière

As an online platform and gallery, Singulart is known for its services. However, sometimes the team itself – the many people who make it all possible – fades into the background. In our new series Meet the Singulart Family, we want to change this. As a French start-up company that counts diversity and inclusion among its core values, we at Singulart have many interesting stories to tell. Join us on a journey and discover life stories that have brought so many people to the heart of Paris. In this edition we highlight the path of our HR Manager, Julie Carrière.

Growing up in Noisiel near Disneyland Paris, Julie decided to leave to study in Paris aged 18. She entered business school where she covered different subjects, ultimately falling in love with Human Resources. Her love of art comes from her mother, who took Julie and her sister to visit museums on weekends when her father had to work. This is her story on how she became the HR Manager at Singulart.

Julie Carrière

About Julie Carrière

From an early age, the precocious Julie knew she wanted to work with people. Having finished her studies with a master’s in Business Studies, she took the time to consider where she wanted to go in life. She loved people and working with them, discussing and getting to know personalities, however, sales was not her calling and so she decided on studying for an MBA in Human Resources. An added plus were the Law modules – which Julie found very interesting as France has a very unique and specific system – something that she wanted to delve further into. It was this study of HR that gave her the possibility to develop and evolve in a company.

Her first job, more out of necessity than desire, was in an IT company to recruit engineers. It was hard at first, since recruitment was not seen as an attractive job in 2009, being deemed not challenging or interesting. However, Julie fell in love with it, and with time, opportunities developed. Recruitment slowly became a more sought after job and a valuable skill to possess.

She moved to different companies, staying in the financial sector to recruit IT engineers. The challenge excited her, beginning to better understand the specific skills and knowledge that engineers must have. A sudden change in leadership in 2018 made her reconsider her job as she was no longer able to plan and oversee the recruitment, with her having to give up responsibility should she continue.

Julie Carrière

Julie’s Journey to Singulart

One night, Julie’s friend Sidney was talking to Véra whom he knew through the ignition program. As fate would have it, Véra was looking to recruit an HR Manager for Singulart at the time. Knowing that Julie was looking to change companies, Sidney put in a good word. By the end of the week, Julie’s application was on Véra’s desk, with an interview taking place the week after.

Having worked for 10 years, Julie knew exactly what she was looking for in a new job. She wanted to work for a company with a purpose and when Véra started to explain Singulart’s mission of empowering artists, there was no doubt left. Furthermore, with Véra and Brice bringing a balanced and feminist leadership to Singulart, Julie felt excited.

In recruitment, your values have to be reflected in the business and its leadership.

Having to manage HR and recruitment on her own, Singulart offered Julie a new challenge she was ready to tackle.

Julie Carrière

Three Questions to Julie Carrière

Why Art?

My mother used to take my sister and I to museums. It is funny and interesting how three women from the same family can have such a varied taste in art. What brought us together was the passion to discover new things, even if it wasn’t our preferred style of art. It is an incredible world to explore as there is something for everyone.

What do you like about Singulart?

I love my job. Of course my role within the company is great, but first and foremost, the people of Singulart are what make it such an enjoyable job. Every single person at Singulart is different. However, even though we come from all over the world, we all share similar values: equality, diversity and a feminist mindset. Everyone has such a distinct character – it’s a joy to see and experience.

Where do you see Singulart’s future?

The headquarters will stay in Paris and we will continue have a team with many nationalities. Further down the line, we might open other offices in the States and Germany, with there being around 200 people working for the company. I want it to keep the same spirit though, the same values that make Singulart what it is. Ultimately, I hope we become the leading online art gallery.

We asked Julie to select a few artworks she currently really likes on Singulart: