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Virtual Museums and Art Galleries to Explore During the Coronavirus

What we are experiencing right now is a profound moment in history. We are all in a state of physical stagnation while trying to cope with a mind that continues to produce, elaborate and wonder so as not to succumb to the boredom that this imposed immobility sometimes creates. There are positives, however. We have rediscovered communities, fragments of a larger and more multifaceted puzzle, ready to help and welcome the help of others.

With the public looking to art and expression as a form of escapism more than ever, the world of art gathers to break down these barriers to entry that currently exist. The biggest and most famous museums in the world open their doors to the public thanks to virtual tours, and with no entrance fee to pay, art becomes everyone’s again. We have compiled a list of seven museums that you should visit online.

1. Vatican Museums, Rome

Normally, you have to stand in endless rows to admire the frescoed ceilings of the Vatican Museums by Raphael and Michelangelo. Not now, however, during this period of forced isolation. If you have never had the chance to visit these splendid museums or if your memory has faded since you were afforded the opportunity, dive in online and select the virtual tour option. In a matter of clicks, you will have on your screen the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica, to name a few – a sight for which you will have to prepare your eyes.

2. Natural History Museum, London

Sink into a distant past, when the world we know today was inconceivable and nature ruled the masses without human interference. These precious clues about our origins are collected at the Natural History Museum in London.

Foto del Museo di Storia Naturale di Londra, cortesia del London Natural History Museum.

Every trace of natural history is kept here to not only teach us about what came before us, but also show us how this led to humanity walking the earth. If you quiver with curiosity, know that the Natural History Museum has found a way to quench your thirst for knowledge thanks to their virtual tours. Get lost in the corridors and less beaten tracks of the gallery, you won’t regret it.

3. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is a spectacular museum. Built in 1800 in The Hague to exhibit the collections of the Dutch governors, it was then moved by Louis Napoleon, in 1808, to the capital of the country. Today the Rijksmuseum is not only a reference point for art lovers from all over the world, but above all, home to the most representative paintings of Dutch art which made the Golden Age such a celebrated movement. Think Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals and Steen.

Ronda di notte, Rembrandt (1642)

The Rijksmuseum has also decided to share with the public the paintings housed in its 80 galleries. A truly unmissable event.

4. Uffizi Galleries, Florence

Get ready for a different experience. The Uffizi Gallery has created real thematic guides to the museum. The initiative takes the name of Hypervisions and tries to keep users away from paths that would not convey a coherent image of the variety and beauty of the gallery. In an attempt to stay authentic, similar works have been selected and brought together, the result of which being extremely effective.

5. Museo del Prado, Madrid

In the center of Madrid stands – imposing and surrounded by gardens – the Prado Museum. The closure of the building due to the looming coronavirus did not create difficulties for the Museum, which was one of the first to offer virtual tours of all its rooms. Devote a day to the paintings of the Spanish masters Velazquez, Goya and El Greco before exploring the Italian school that includes the works of Beato Angelico, Correggio, Caravaggio and Rubens.

6. Louvre, Paris

It welcomes millions of visitors every year, famous for its glass and metal pyramid, and houses one of Leonardo da Vinci‘s most famous paintings. Of course, its the Louvre.

Amore e Psiche, Antonio Canova (1793)

The Louvre has made virtual tours available on its website in which you will be able to walk around, arguably, the world’s most famous art gallery.
Whether you are fond of Egyptian antiquities, neoclassical sculptures, the Italian Renaissance (the most clicked room), or of van Eyck’s paintings, it is all there for your viewing pleasure. Take advantage of this unique opportunity.

7. MoMA, New York

Lovers of modern art, someone has thought of you too! The Museum of Modern Art in New York has added to the mounting list of museums available for online visits.

The works of art collected at MoMA cover a relatively short time span but mark the decisive transition from modern to contemporary art. The display ranges from Cezanne’s paintings to those of Chagall, Pollock and Kandinsky – a whirlwind of colors and emotions from which you cannot escape.

Let yourself be inspired…